Easter basket stuffers for tweens and teens

Easter Basket Stuffers that Your Tweens and Teens Will Love

(Inside: Easter basket stuffers that tweens and teens will love. As our kids grow, our traditions grow, and these Easter basket ideas are great.)

Moms and dads, keep the family traditions. 

They matter.

I know our kids might not act like the holiday matters. We might even have to make the tradition mandatory family fun, but, trust me, it matters.

Our teens are in the stage of life when there are so many changes: growing responsibilities, increasing pressure, an ever-changing body, navigating peers, making so many decisions, weighing lots of directions, and swirling emotions. Then on top of that, teen brains have an underdeveloped frontal lobe (logic) and overdeveloped back part of the brain (emotions), so finding perspective can be hard.

In it all, these family traditions provide a constant, something they can always count on, and it matters.

I grew up in a military family, moved continually, and lived all over the world, and when I look back, do you know what meant the world to me? My stable home life. I could always count on the mint chocolate chip birthday cake, the presents around the Christmas tree, and the Easter egg hunt no matter where we lived. 

Traditions matter.

But as the kids grow, some of our traditions are going to grow too. The Easter baskets once filled with matchbox cars and bunny stuffed animals, now showcase phone chargers, gaming socks, and games. It’s fun showering some love on our teens through gifts. And I know it means the world to them.

So, just for fun, I thought I’d make a list of ideas to help busy parents save time. 

I hope you find something things for your big kids…

Fantastic Easter basket ideas that tweens and teens are sure to love.

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Games and Fidgets – Easter Basket Stuffers

This is hilarious. I teach high school, and in my advisory (homeroom) class we play dumb, gamey stuff like this. I am telling you, this could be a hit. Get the whole family playing. Record videos. This could really make every laugh.

With all the excessive use of screens, I’m a big fan of puzzles that get our kids practicing fine motor skills and problem-solving. My teens will pick up these types of activities to work on them, and I love it. It’s a great Easter basket stocking stuffer.

Something to take outside in the spring weather and mess around with. These types of toys for older kids can really be a hit.

My sons had friends over, and this group of boys ignored the gaming station and sat and messed with this cube. It was passed around. Conversation happened. Laughter filled the room. This is a thing. Teens love it. And it keeps them off screens, so moms will love it too.

A stress reliever and a game. This is a great activity for big kids.

Stress Relievers for Teens – Easter Basket Stuffers

Stress balls are a great gift. Teens can take them to school to use during chemistry class, especially when they’re teaching stoichiometric.

Why are play-dough types of substances so fun? A stress reliever and a creative outlet, this would be a great addition to the Easter basket. 

Intriguing games for families to bond over. This tucks nicely into the Easter basket.

Easter facial masks. Self-care items are always a hit. The teens probably want to “glow,” but for us, midlifer moms, “firm” is what we’d pick. Bond over these facial masks with your teens. I know that I want some of these. 

Essentials for Teens – Easter Basket Stuffers

Chapstick is an essential that you can never go wrong with. Plus, this one looks like spring. Perfect for the basket.

Small pouches can be used for pencils, toiletries, collectible-type cards, make-up, or anything. This is an Easter basket stuffer your teen will use. I love that its spring colors. Just perfect.

Great for gym bags and lockers, these are a useful gift. We all love when our kids work out hard, but our noses don’t need to be reminded of it. Enter these sneaker balls. I think our teens are old enough and mature enough to appreciate this kind of gift. Clean air for the win!

If your family is like mine, we’re always searching for chargers. My big kids are never disappointed when they get chargers as a gift. 

Stickers are a thing. Put them on water bottles, laptops, and iPads, it’s a way for our teens to individualize their stuff, be creative, and express themselves. 

Eggs and Nature – Easter Basket Stuffers

One of the best parts of Easter is that spring is in the air. (At least for Minnesota and the rest of the snowy northern states.) It’s fun to celebrate the warmer weather with these small planters. Grow some beautiful flowers and greens and get ready for the sun to turn up the heat. 

Easter eggs stuffed with glow-in-the-dark squishy animals. Tweens will get a kick out of these.

Squishy bunnies with beads and lights. Can be used like a stress ball. Adds color and life to any basket. 

Easter eggs filled with colorful mini pop toys inside. Again, these are the types of things teens stuff into their backpacks and mess with at school when they need to move but have to sit still. A solid gift.

Jewelry and Clothes – Easter Basket Stuffers

How cute would these socks look on our teens with their sweats, athletic wear, jeans, or shorts? These socks are the best.

Do you remember how much we all loved slap brackets as kids? So simple, so much joy – we’d all have multiple on one wrist. Bring back the old-school fun. Slap bracelets for everyone!

For those gaming moments, these socks are great. And if your family is anything like mine, socks are a novelty. We lose the matches, holes seem to instantly appear, and we’re always short on socks, so when they are a gift, our big kids love it. Socks are always a hit.

Walking with Jesus is life-changing. At least it is for me. I love the promises and encouragement written on this cross. For some kids, especially those who like tangible reminders of hope, this is a great gift. 

I always love seeing the quirky t-shirts my high school students wear. This one is great. It could be perfect for your teen.

Yay, these clips are back in style. Such a cute way to throw up your hair and still look stylish. These clips are a win.

This has always been one of my favorite sayings. A reminder teen girls need to hear. This necklace does the trick.

Layered bracelets look great with any outfit. This beautiful set has a spring feel and will enhance any Easter basket. 

A lovely bracelet to remind our big kids how much God loves them. (And how much we do too.)

Books and Cards – Easter Basket Stuffers

Teens are little adults, but they’re also still just kids. It’s so fun when we can get them being goofy and laughing and not feeling all the pressure of the teen years. This book can help.

Sometimes an organized game-type-thing with conversation starters is just what a family needs to get to know each other and connect on a deeper level. I use conversation starters in my high school classroom and teens really have fun with the questions. This deck of questions could be just the thing for your family. 

You just never can go wrong with Easter Sudoku. Something for the big kids to do with their grandparents while hanging out on Easter day. 

Watercolor paint books for the artist in your family. This is a fun addition to the basket.

Sudoku is addictive in the best of ways. I like that there’s an Easter version. After Easter brunch, grandparents and teens can connect over a game.

Candy, Candy, and More Candy – Easter Basket Stuffers

Candy is always a favorite. You can never go wrong with sugar. 

Starburst and M&Ms. Done deal.

Already Made Easter Baskets

And we’ll end this list with the easiest – order a premade Easter basket. No shame in that. We’re all busy and these baskets are fantastic. 

It will mean a lot to your big kid to get one of these beautiful baskets on Easter morning. 

Your turn. What did I miss?

What do you love putting in your big kids’ Easter baskets? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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