Moms, You’ll Better Enjoy the End of the School Year Remembering THIS

(Inside: The end of the school year can be crazy, and many moms dread May. However, you’ll better enjoy the end of the school year remembering THIS. )

Hey moms, we’re ALMOST done! School is almost over, and this is how I feel about it.

last day of school
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Just a handful of lunches still to make.

(And a handful of times to unpack the returned lunchbox and see your child took one bite of the yogurt cup, two bites of the sandwich, ignored the carrots, yet devoured every…last…morsel of the cookie.)

Just a few more days of “Mom, I need – insert some item you currently do not have – for school today.” (It’s 8:10; you leave at 8:20.) Almost done trying to fit things like a dentist appointment, a strep test that always comes back negative, or minor details like the grocery store into an already full week.

I can’t wait for the reduction in my “go-to” phrases: “can I look at your school folder;” “did you do your homework;” and “we need to be out the door right now.” Don’t read me wrong, we’re all grateful for education. 

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We love our schools and God bless ALL teachers, but holy hectic schedule – we all need a break. Moms, that blessed gift is almost here.


Sweet summer.

Reduced commitments and a slower pace, more time to pause and breathe in life and blessings and all the people we love so much.

Unhurried moments to enjoy our children while they are still in our homes, these sacred years disappear so quickly. (Only 6 summers left with my oldest. I can’t even…) Space for our favorite things: walks around the lake, evening bonfires, leisurely morning with not one, but two unhurried cups of coffee, and sunshine…so much sunshine.

And it’s just around the corner.

So we can do this, moms. Really, we can – we’re a few packed lunches, field trips, and a last-day-of-school teacher gift away.

Finish strong.

Or just finish.

All roads lead to summer!

Join this community of moms raising tweens and teens here

Your brain bounces between your day at work, what times your kids need to be at practice, your teen’s missing school assignments, that you haven’t called your mom lately, the load of the laundry to be switched, “What’s for dinner?” and “Why are 3 of my brain-tabs frozen?” 

You are raising tweens and teens and college-age kids – the unique parenting phase where everything gets easier…and harder.

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end of the school year
end of the school year
Join our community of moms raising tweens/teens HERE.