Faith-based encouragement for moms of tweens/teens.


Are you a mom of a tween or teen? You’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Cheryl. I’m a high school teacher of 20+ years, wife, and mom of three boys. (13yo, 12yo and 8yo)

If you’re a mom of a tween(s) and/or teen(s), then you are in a unique phase of life…

  • We’re sad our kids are growing so fast, yet we’re also proud of who they’re becoming.
  • Or kids REMEMBER what we say. (Eeek!)
  • More independent kids give moms time to revisit our personal goals.
  • Time is moving at warp speed and we hope we’re doing enough right.

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Be an Empowered Mom

Love Your Personal Growth –

Motherhood is a great teacher and confidence builder. It stretches us in the coolest of ways. Be encouraged by these articles.

Confidence to Be You:
Momma, Should You Write? (Or Start a Blog?)
Why Crazy-Mama-Knows-Best Moments Work
Why Your Words and Your Story are so Important
5 Lies Moms Believe: Build Your Confidence
How to Silence the Mean Voice in Your Head

Thrive as a Working Mom:
To the Mom Who’s Going Back to Work
7 Ways to Get the Most Out of  Working Mom Life
Moms Keep Track of ALL THE THINGS In Style (Free Weekly Planner)
If I can Spend 14 Hours Racing Through Mom Life, I can Spend 5 Minutes for This BIG JOY
How to Find Time in Busy Mom Life to Do What You Love (WIthout feeling guilty about it!)

Love that Your Kids are Growing Fast (Even Though is Breaks Your Heart):
My Kids Grow Too Fast (Sniff), The Powerful Thing to Remember…
To Moms of Babies – Your babies will grow, but don’t be sad…

A Mom’s Amazing Impact:
How You Unknowingly Made a Huge Impact Today, Momma
Momma, You are Inspirational – My Guest Post on Moms Magazine
Rediscover Your Everyday Miracle
Momma, Why You Should “Wear” Today Differently
Moms, Do you Really See How Impactful Your Ordinary Is?

Inspiration for Moms:
Some of My Best Parenting Happens at Target & Starbucks
Best Podcasts Every Mom Needs to be Inspired By
How Growing Older Can Be Exciting
A Mom in Full Control (50% of the Time)
60+ Encouraging and Inspirational Best Books for Moms

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Build Your Faith Through Motherhood –

Motherhood is an amazing opportunity to grow our Christian Faith. Read on…

Seeing God in Motherhood:
How to Hear God’s Voice Through Motherhood
The Best Part of the First Day of School

See The Everyday Moments That Help You Refuel
How to Grow Your Faith
Your Unique Sacred Gesture – Did You See It Today?
Seeing God in Crazy Mom Life

Growing Your Faith During the Holiday Seasons:
How to Find The BEST JOY in Your Christmas Season
How Holiday Busts Also Tell the Christmas Message
Skip the Roses and Instead See Your Greatest True Love on Valentine’s Day
Notice Your Unique Sacred Gesture this Holiday Season

Momma’s Prayer:
A Morning Prayer to Strengthen Mommas
A Mom’s Prayer for Courage

Quiet Moments of Faith:
Free eBook: Meditations for Moms
5 Songs to Make Your Day Better
Imperfect Faith is Still Faith
Hope Will Always Find You

Overcoming Worry & Anxiety:
Why Moms Worry and How to Let it Go
Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear
How to Turn Your Negative Self Talk into Joy
Why the Mountain Before Us Will Move
Walk Away from Worry with the Magic 5:1 Ratio


I have a free eBook for you called Meditations for Moms: Renewal and Empowerment in 8 minutes a day. Let me tell you how it will strengthen you in the video below.


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Magnify Your Everyday Joy –

Moms, I’d like to raise empowered kids and pursue my career and have a great marriage – but really, in it all, I simply want to be happy. Don’t you? Increase your joy by reading these articles.

Get Organized and Have More Time for YOU:
How to Take Care of Your Home and Your Heart
The Single Best Thing a Parent Can Do {FREE Mini-eBoo

Better See the Abundance of Joy in Daily Mom Life:
Increase Your Happiness IN THE CHAOS {Printable}
A Challenge to Look for Your Joy Today
4 Things You Need to Be a Strong, Joy-Filled Mom

Mama, Are You Beautifully Exhausted?

Cherish Motherhood:
How to Forever Cherish Our Best Mom Moments
How To Recapture Our Sweet Mom Moments Gone Forever

Building Your Mom Community:
One Thing You Need to Build a Strong Community of Moms
In Raising Older Kids – Grandparents, This Is Why We Need You!


encouragmenet for moms

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Find Healing and Strengthen Your Grit

Moms, at some point we all need encouragement. We hurt, we feel defeated, and we just can’t move past. I always recommend professional help, when needed, but also continually reading inspirational content. Like these articles below…

Strengthen Your Grit:
One Powerful Line that will Help You Thrive in the Wicked-Hard-Mom-Life Days
18 Hours Later and I Felt Braver {For Moms}
A Morning Prayer to Strengthen Mommas
Build Your Mom Confidence Through Knowing This
How Your Kids Empower You to Persevere

Healing & Overcoming Challenges:
My Story of Healing From Miscarriages
Remembering (and Grieving) Someone I Loved
Why the Mountain Before Us Will Move
What Healing Sometimes Looks Like
Look for Hope Because it Will Always Come Back to You
A New Beginning Always Starts with an End
What to Do When You’re Tired of the Struggle

Thrive in Difficult Relationships/Situations:
What to Do When Life Gets Frustrating
How to Deal with Difficult People (And not lose your mind!)
What to do to Prepare for the Fight
A Powerful Way to Face Your Challenges

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Refuel through Self-Care –

I neglected self-care for a decade and then I crashed. Epically crashed! I won’t ignore self-care anymore. Here are some articles that will help you take care of yourself as well.

8 Reasons Why Alone Time for YOU is Good FOR YOUR KIDS
The Power of Friendships: Why Gal Pals are Important
The Power of Stillness in the Chaos
The Single Best Thing a Parent Can Do {FREE Mini-eBook}
Free eBook: Meditations for Moms
Good Things Come from Taking a Break



Raise Empowered Tweens/Teens

Create Family Connection –

Your kids will remember the vacations you took and the birthday celebrations, but even more, they’ll remember the daily moments they connected with you. Here are some ideas of ways to connect with your children.

One Way to Learn How Your Kids Feel Loved
One Easy Way to Get to Know Your Kid
Create a Perfect Valentine’s Day for Your Family (Getting Real)

How to Find Joy and Family Connection in Your Holiday Season
The Annoying Way Tweens Show You They Love You (And Why You’ll Miss it Some Day)
The Science Behind Why a Gratitude Journal Works (Freebie!)
7 Reasons Why Raising Tweens/Teens is THE BEST
Raising Tweens/Teens is Hilarious: Stories to Make Your Day (Part 1)



Raising Tweens & Teens  –

How To Get Your Teen to Their Aha Moment (Better Communicate with Your Teen)
A Simple and Effective Way to Encourage Your Teen (Freebie!)
7 Reasons Why Raising Tweens/Teens is the Best
In Raising Older Kids – This is Why We Need the Grandparents Even More
Parenting Tweens/Teens is Hilarious: Stories to Make Your Day (Part 1)



Build Character in Your Kids –

Parent with the end goal in mind. Strive to raise kids who grow up to be independent, strong and full of integrity. Be encouraged by these inspirational articles.

Why Your Kids’ Weaknesses are also Strengths
A Family Connection Activity that will Increase You & Your Kids’ Happiness
How to Teach Your Kids to be Consistently Kind

Raise Your Kids to be Leaders with These Transformational Phrases
One Way to Get Your Kids to Cheerfully Clean
A Free Gratitude Journal Your Tweens/Teens Will Love


Get Your 17 Transformational Leadership Phrases HERE

Teach Your Kids to Give Using the Once-a-Month Strategy –

We want to raise kids who see others, love people and give big. For a year, our family intentionally sought places to give/volunteer once a month. It was fun to watch our kids become more aware of the unmet needs around them and what they could do to help.



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Help Your Kids Thrive in School…

Get Your Kids Out The Door Happy And On Time With This List {Free Printable}
Parents, Help Your Kids Thrive in School by Asking These 4 Questions
Why I’m NOT Freaking Out that My Son Has Low Reading Scores
The Best Part About the First Day of School – Do You Feel This Magic Too?
Parenting is Hard: A Powerful Mindset to Help Moms Thrive
You’ll Better Enjoy the End of the School Year Madness Remembering THIS


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Raise Faith-Filled Kids –

Teach your kids to daily see and feel God. I created a simple, free devotional you can daily use to help open your eyes to how God works around them.

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids the True Meaning of Christmas
A Busy Mom’s Christmas Prayer
Free eBook: Devotions for Kids & Families

Watch the video below…



Empowering Activities for Tweens/Teens –

Raise kids who like to explore, discover, create and think. Empower your kids with lists of great books, summer activities that promote creativity and more…

65+ Kids Activities That Promote Creativity {Printable}
146+ Best Chapter Books for Tweens that will also Build Character
Compelling Books that High Schoolers will WANT to Read
How a Messy Home is Good for Your Kids


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Raise Strong, Joy-Filled Sons –

Articles to help you love being a boy mom and feel encouraged in the journey of raising your boys to become strong, wonderful men.

How to Get Your Tween or Teenage Son to Open Up to You
Guest Post on Made to Mother: To the Mother of All Boys
Mother/Son Photo Ideas
What I Told My Son About Girls
When You Doubt Your Sons Learn Your Life Lessons


encouragement for moms

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Imperfectly Thrive in Parenting –

One Line To Get You Through The Crazy Mom Days
Do You Need to Just Simplify Parenting? (Collect Moments)
When Parenting Gets Hard
Parenting Struggles {Noticing Hope}
Helicopter Parenting (The Good Kind)
Why Mom Mistakes can be Good


And just for fun…

Gain Confidence and Empowerment Through Your Hobbies –


Hobbies empower us. To learn a hobby and discover how much better at it you can become than you even expected is confidence building. Then little eyes watch us and feel empowered too. Photography is my hobby. What is yours?

Winter Photography – Family of 3
Photography Fall (Empowerment through Hobbies)
Create Amazing Winter Photos of Your Family With These Editing Tips
Moms, How to Capture Extraordinary Pictures of your Ordinary Moments
Sunset Photography – Family of 5
A Family of 3 Photography
Photography & How It Strengthens My Perspective (Winter Photos)
A Tip to Make Your Everyday Photos Look Artsier
3 Photography Tips for Moms Capturing Summer Moments


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Create a Space that You Love to Come Home To –


My husband and I always wanted to buy a home that needed TLC and make it our own. To be a great mom, you don’t need a perfect space! But, I think it’s fun, empowering and even healing to have this creative outlet. I love a pretty, comfortable place to start and end our crazy days in. Also, I posted these pictures of our home in a pristine state – because if you post it on the internet as perfectly clean, then our home is always spotless…right!?!

DIY Kitchen Remodel (With Barn Wood Countertops!)
Our DIY Bathroom Remodel
DIY Master Bathroom Remodel
DIY Bedroom Remodel
My Remodelaholic Guest Post – How to Create a Sliding Mirror Over a Bathroom Window
Sadness Over Change and The Good Stuff It Means {DIY Complete Home Remodel Photos}

How a Messy Home is Good for Your Kids


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