Your brain bounces between your day at work, what time you need to get each kid to practice, your teen’s missing school assignments, that you haven’t called your mom lately, the load of the laundry to be switched, “What’s for dinner?” and “Why are 3 of my brain-tabs frozen?”  

You are raising tweens and teens – the unique parenting phase where everything gets easier…and harder.

We’re finally believing all those “they grow so fast” comments. This is your last hurray with kids in your home and you want to love it.

You’re taking a second look at your career, your hobbies, how to share your gifts and talents. 

Parenting grows your faith and then makes you wonder where your faith is. 

You long for friendships and deep relationships, but you’re just so busy. 

You’d love a quick place to connect and feel encouraged.  

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I’m Cheryl, a mom of three, high school teacher, wife, and author of Empowered Moms and Kids.

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Empowered Moms and Kids Series

Mommas, I have so many wishes for us all.

To be happy. To grow in big faith through ordinary moments. To know how awesome we are. To know what a great job we’re doing in raising our beloved kids. Mainly, to…

Be empowered moms.
Raise empowered kids.

These article series were written just for you. 

My two oldest sons are in high school now, and I’m still in a coma because of it. Even though I’ve taught high school for over two decades, I’m confused as to how I’m actually old enough to be a parent of a high schooler. 

Teaching high schoolers has always been a passion of mine, but now parenting them is as well. I could research, write, and talk about this topic until eternity. I hope you are encouraged by some of my articles.

The Pandemic is Shaping Kids in These 6 Powerful Ways

A Simple and Effective Way to Encourage Your Teen
*You Can’t Fix Your Struggling Teens Problems, But You Can Do This One Powerful Thing

How to Get Your Teen/Teen to Their “Aha Moment”
How to Get Your Tween/Teenage Son to Open Up to You
*400+ Conversation Starters for Families of Teens

Parenting is Hard: This One Thought Can Help You Better Thrive
*Dear Kids – Know the Difference Between “Chores” and “Maintenance”
To the Mom of a High School Freshman
*Your Teen’s Maddening Behavior is Age-Appropriate and Here’s Hope
*Raising Tweens and Teens – THIS is what it looks like…

*I Will Miss These Years of Raising Tweens and Teens
7 Reasons Why Raising Tweens & Teens is the Best
*To the Mom Who Mourns That Kids Grow Too Fast
*Moms of Big Kids, Did You See Your Sacred Moments Today?

raising tweens and teens

God reveals himself every day to us through motherhood. Do we see the burning bush in front of us?

Growing Your Faith: Imperfect Faith is STILL Faith
Momma, is God is More Control of Your Life Than You Think?
Mommas, Increase Your Happiness in the Chaos
Tired Parents, You are Beautifully Exhausted
This is How I Hear God Speak Through Motherhood
Kids, Do You Want To Watch God Paint the Sky?
A Mom’s 1st Day of School Wishes
A Miracle Happen Every Day: Do You See It?
Every Day, In Small Moments – God is Calling You
God is Using You Even When You Don’t See It
In 5 Minutes I Was Reminded of the Joy of Being a Mother
Worried about Becoming Older? Your best years are ahead of you!
Live a Happy Life: Look for Your Joy Today

The other day, I saw of picture of when my kids were little (like when I wrote this post), and I thought I so deeply want to go back to this season of life. I miss it.

But just as quickly as that thought came, another thought followed Someday, I will see pictures of my current parenting phase (raising tweens and teens) and wish to come back to today. 

So, I want to do my best to enjoy this season of life. These ideas on how to connect with and entertain tweens and teens can help…


How a Messy House is Good for Your Kids

85+ Kids Activities That Promote Creativity

146+ Best Chapter Books for Tweens that will Also Build Character
Compelling Books That High Schoolers Will Want to Read

Home Exercises for Your Teens & the Whole Family (Feel Healthy & Happy)

*30+ Ways to Connect With Your Family Over the Holiday Season

Mommas, sometimes we just gotta laugh. Omstars – it just will never go all in the perfect direction, so we lay down some of that coveted control and laugh. I don’t know about you, but after a good laugh, my head feels clearer.

Can you relate to some of these stories?

Funny Mom Story: Disastrous Day Turned Parenting Win (Part 1)
Funny Parenting Stories: Raising Tweens and Tweens is the Best (Part 2)
Funny Stories about Parenting: Laugh Your Way Through Raising Tweens & Teens (Part 3)
Parenting Humor: When You Just Gotta Laugh (Part 4)

Prayer. I’ve had a tricky relationship with prayer over the years. I’ve bounced between ‘what’s the point?’ and ‘Lord, God, THANK YOU so much for the powerful gift of prayer.’

Here’s what life-experience and the study of God’s word have taught me about prayer:

God hears our prayers.
God sometimes answers prayers.
God shapes us and changes our perspective in uplifting ways through prayer.
God nourishes us through prayer.
God speaks to our hearts with quiet “knowings” deep inside of us through prayer. 
God builds his relationship with us through prayer.
Prayer is powerful in ways that we fully don’t understand.
Science proves that prayer is a healthy, life-giving practice with both physical and mental benefits. 

Be encouraged by these prayers…

A Praying Mother is a Strong Mother
A Mom’s Prayer: Transform Your Anxious Thoughts Through Prayer
A Mother’s Prayer for Strength and Faith and Courage
A Prayer to Conquer Your Mountain

raising tweens and teens
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We all want to feel connected to our family. I know, I do. 

One of my favorite things to do with my family is to create family time. Yes, life gets busy, and no I don’t do this all perfectly (who actually does!?!), but it sure is fun to try. 

I hope you enjoy these family connection articles and ideas too…

Know Your Child: One Way to Learn How Your Kid Feels Loved
*400+ Great Conversation Starters for Families of Teens
7 Powerful Reasons to Pray as a Family

One Easy Way to Get to Know Your Kid
Parenting Tweens: Annoying Ways Tweens Show Their Parents They Love Them
7 Reasons Why Raising Tweens & Teens is the Best
*My Big Kids, No Matter How Fast Your Grow, I’ll Always Be Your Mom 
*Moms of Big Kids, Get Lost in Motherhood if You Want

Celebrating Real Love This Valentine’s Day With My Family
*30+ Ways to Connect With Your Family Over the Holiday Season

Taking care of yourself in this role of motherhood is important.

I recently listened to a podcast by the author of my favorite book on creativity (affiliate link), Liz Gilbert, where she talked about how she feels like she been given the divine responsibility of being in charge of “Liz,” so needs to do what’s best for “Liz.”

Okay, I hope I don’t mess up the interpretation of what she said too much, but let me tell you how it went into my heart…

God gives us the sacred responsibility of taking care of ourselves. So, I need to see myself in the 3rd person. I need to step outside of myself in and say, “Cheryl doesn’t need to be doing that. She’s done enough..she needs sleep, or to say “no,” or to sit and pet her beloved dog.

For this go-go-go, do-all-the-things girl, that way of explaining our self-obligation was powerful. Self-care is vital. We better serve our family and communities when we are in a good place. So, be encouraged by the full series on self-care and other inspiration for moms.

Free eBook: Christian Meditations for Busy Moms Just Like You
Best Podcasts Every Mom Needs to Hear
5 Best Relaxing Songs to Make Your Day Better
60+ Encouraging and Inspirational Best Books for Mothers
Need Hope? Look for it – Hope will Always Come Back to You
Momma, Go for Your Dreams! Let Faith Overcome Your Fear

8 Reasons Why “Me Time” for Moms is Good FOR YOUR KIDS
The Power of Finding Peace and Joy In the Choas of Momlife
Moms Need a Break and Good Things Can Come of It
Good Parenting Skills: The Single Best Thing Parents Can Do (Free Mini-eBook)

raising tweens and teens
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As a high school teacher for over two decades, I love, love, love watching kids learn. It’s okay if there are struggles in their educational journey. Not just okay – normal, even. We just keep stressing the importance of education and giving them the tools for success. And then we encourage our kids and love them well.

I hope you enjoy these articles.

Parents, Help Your Kids Thrive in School By Asking These 4 Questions
Why I’m Not Freaking Out that My Struggling Reader Has Low Reading Scores
A Mom’s 1st Day of School Wishes
Moms, You’ll Better Enjoy the End of the School Year Remembering THIS
*My Teen Was Struggling In School (With Distance/Hybrid Learning), So This Is What I Did
*Teen, These Big Reasons are Why You’ll Like Trying Hard in School

Kid’s Morning Routine Checklist: Get Your Kids Out the Door Happy and On-Time
*A Simple Way to Motivate Teens to Be More Responsible

146+ Best Chapter Books for Tweens that Will Also Build Character
Compelling Books that High Schoolers Will Want to Read

Do you really understand how important, how vital, how life-giving your role as a mom is?

Maybe you feel like you just poured the bowl of cereal this morning, but that’s not all you did. You nourished your kid. And through simple daily interactions, you teach responsibility, leadership, love, grace, faith, courage, and kindness. Your child will go out into life and share his or her gifts. Then pass everything you taught down to their kids. And next, their grandkids – your impact keeps rolling.

I’m getting chill bumps. Your ordinary work is extraordinary. 

Let me continue to convince you through the full series on the importance of motherhood: 

Why Moms are Important: This is the Impact You Make
Momma, How You Inspire Other Moms in Every Day in Amazing Ways
3 Realizations that Will Help You Enjoy Motherhood More
Don’t get lost in motherhood? Or do? Unpacking mixed messages.

raising tweens and teens
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Parenting is one of my biggest joys. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. From a young age, I prayed to have a family, and sometimes I pinch myself that my dream came true.

However, because this phase of life means so much to me, I can put too much pressure on myself to make the most of every moment, handle every situation flawlessly, and be the best mom ever. The truth is, I won’t do it all well and it’s not supposed to be that way. 

One of God’s goals for me is to lean on him – to turn to him, to trust in him, to seek his guidance and favor in this motherhood experience. The dips and turns and messy in mom-life help me do that. 

What a gift the imperfect can be. I do my best to try and articulate this idea in my imperfectly thrive in motherhood series. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. 

Perfect Mom Life: Moms Have a Weird Relationship with Perfect
Do You Need to Simplify Parenting? Collect Moments, Instead

Being a Parent is Hard for This One Reason: Here’s What Helps
Healthy Helicopter Parenting: A Story to Life You Up
Why Mom Mistakes Can Be Good
Parenting Regrets: 3 Truths About “I Wish I’d Parented Better.”

I went to college to get my high school teaching degree. I planned to work for a few years, then stay home with babies. My mind was made up.

Except, I didn’t factor in one thing…

I loved my career. 

 Furthermore, at my workplace, there were so many working moms that daily showed me how to be great at both your job and motherhood. So, after taking six years off to be home with my kids and fulfill that dream, I chose to go back to work. 

I love being a working mom and I want to imperfectly thrive in it –  I know you to thrive too. Be encouraged through this series on being a working mom.

To the Mom Going Back to Work After Being a Stay at Home Mom
7 Ways to Thrive as a Working Mom (Let go of the guilt!)
Be a More Organized Mom: How to Care of Your Heart and Your HomeFree Working Mom Planner – Keep Track of ALL THE THINGS in style

raising tweens and teens

Continue to build your confidence to share your words by reading the whole “Confidence to be You” series.

4 Things You Need to Be a Strong, Joy-Filled Mother
How to Silence Negative Automatic Thoughts
Be a More Confident Mom By Exposing These 5 Lies
Momma Knows Best: A Quick Story to Help You Know This
What is Your Story: How Sharing Your Story Gives Life
Momma, Should You Write? (Or Start a Blog?)

When we become moms a light switch is flipped on. In juggling work, family, and household – we grow bolder; we learn to speak up. And somewhere in it all, we find our inner Mama Bear. We grow our determination, knowledge, love, patience, endurance, perspective, wisdom, problem-solving ability – we strengthen our grit. It’s not always easy, though. Growing our grit through motherhood is most definitely a process… Read on…


Parenting Persuades You to be a More Courageous Mom Every Day
A Mom’s Quick Prayer for Perseverance that Will Lift You Up

One Line to Get You Through the Stressed Mom Days

I’m So Hurt: What Healing Sometimes Looks Like
When Life Knocks You Down & You’re Tired of Your Struggle
Miscarriage Grief: 5 Reasons Why a Miscarriage is so Emotionally Painful

Find Hope Now in the Story of a Mom Who Didn’t Want Change

raising tweens and teens
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I was always the girl who moved. After I just unpacked my things into a new home and made it my own, found a church and started making a connection with my faith-family, met the neighbors and began to enjoy living by new people, formed my friend group at school together and started to grow close to them – just when I would grow roots, my dad would get his orders.

As the daughter of an Air Force rescue helicopter pilot, I grew up moving every few years. (And sometimes few months, as we’d be in transition waiting for my dad to finish training or for a house to open up on base for us to live.) Moments were hard, but also, the life of a military kid was a great gift.

I learned so much, especially about the importance of community. I became a joiner.

Moms, there will be seasons for all of us when friendships feel hard, but still – we fight for community. We continue to work on building our friend group around us through church, our neighbors, the moms we meet through our kids, and more. Because we need good people in our lives and people need us!

Be encouraged by reading more articles on building your community:

The Power of Encouragement: Moms Need It More Than You Know
In Raising Older Kids: This Is Why You Need The Grandparents EVEN MORE

Why can’t I get along with this person, I’m good with people. People are my thing. Why has this year been filled with not this difficult relationship, but hard relationships with an “s?”

I had a year when relationships with three people I cared about unraveled. I had just come out of healing from a miscarriage and being cut from a job I loved (student numbers were down and they cut the lowest tenured teacher). And just when I thought I’d put my life back together and found my way, here I was struggling with not situations, but people.

What a season.

It caused me to explore situations and relationships and figure out how to find peace, healing, and forgiveness in tough times. 

I’m in a Funk: A Powerful Mindset to Overcome Your Challenge
Parenting is Hard: This One Thought Can Help You Better Thrive
How to Deal with Difficult People
Moms, How to Prepare for a Fight

I’m So Hurt: What Healing Sometimes Looks Like
When Life Knocks You Down & You’re Tired of Your Struggle
Miscarriage Grief: 5 Reasons Why a Miscarriage is so Emotionally Painful

There is just something about raising all boys. Yes, you get “The Comments.” 
“Are you going to try for your girl?” (That question was recently asked of me while my three teen/teenage boys towered next to me. *No, I think we’re calling it done. But you made my day by implying that I’m young enough to still have babies.*)  Or, “Wow – you must be tired.” (*That was sure negative to say. Still…let’s be clear – I am.*) 

But, there’s something so crazy-special about being surrounded by men who love their momma. These boys are my entire world; and even though this website is for moms raising tweens and teens (stemming from my love of teaching high school), I find I can’t help by sometimes write about raising only sons.

How to Get Your Quiet Tween/Teenage Son to Open Up to You
Teenage Dating: Simple Advice to Tell Our Sons About Girls
My Sons Don’t Listen: Actually, They are Taking In What We Teach

Easy Mom-Son Photo Ideas You Will Love

To the Mother of All Boys

Over the years, as my kids have grown and their seasons have changed, I find myself going back to this one prayer, “Dear Jesus, please let my kids desire to have a relationship with you and follow you.” If as they journey through life, they consistently go back to their Creator for comfort and guidance, it’s all going to be okay.

So, as a mom, I strive to (in my imperfect way), teach my boys faith.

10 Easy Way to Teach Your Kids The True Meaning of Christmas
A Busy Mom’s Christmas Prayer

Free eBook: Devotions for Kids and Families
5 Fantastic Devotionals that Help Create Forever Family Connections
*7 Powerful Reasons to Pray as a Family

A Free Gratitude Journal Your Teen Will Love (Raise Grateful Kids)
The Science Behind Why a Gratitude Journal Works (Raise Happy, Faith-Filled Tweens and Teens)

Be an Empowered Mom

Magnify Your Everyday Joy

Moms, I’d like to raise empowered kids and pursue my career and have a great marriage – but really, in it all, I simply want to be happy. Don’t you? Increase your joy by reading these articles.

Get Organized and Have More Time for YOU:
How to Take Care of Your Home and Your Heart
The Single Best Thing a Parent Can Do {FREE Mini-eBook}

Better See the Abundance of Joy in Daily Mom Life:
Increase Your Happiness IN THE CHAOS {Printable}
A Challenge to Look for Your Joy Today
4 Things You Need to Be a Strong, Joy-Filled Mom

Mama, Are You Beautifully Exhausted?

Cherish Motherhood:
How to Forever Cherish Our Best Mom Moments
How To Recapture Our Sweet Mom Moments Gone Forever

Building Your Mom Community:
One Thing You Need to Build a Strong Community of Moms
In Raising Older Kids – Grandparents, This Is Why We Need You!



Refuel Through Self-Care

I neglected self-care for a decade and then I crashed. Epically crashed! I won’t ignore self-care anymore. Here are some articles that will help you take care of yourself as well.

8 Reasons Why Alone Time for YOU is Good FOR YOUR KIDS
The Power of Friendships: Why Gal Pals are Important
The Power of Stillness in the Chaos
The Single Best Thing a Parent Can Do {FREE Mini-eBook}
Free eBook: Meditations for Moms
Good Things Come from Taking a Break

Raise Empowered Kids

Raise Faith-Filled Kids

Teach your kids to daily see and feel God. I created a simple, free devotional you can daily use to help open your eyes to how God works around them.

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids the True Meaning of Christmas
A Busy Mom’s Christmas Prayer
Free eBook: Devotions for Kids & Families
5 Fanstastic Deovtionals that Help Create Forever Family Connections

Entertaining Tweens and Teens

Raise kids who like to explore, discover, create and think. Empower your kids with lists of great books, summer activities that promote creativity and more…

65+ Kids Activities That Promote Creativity {Printable}
146+ Best Chapter Books for Tweens that will also Build Character
Compelling Books that High Schoolers will WANT to Read
How a Messy Home is Good for Your Kids
Home Exercises for QuaranTEENS: Feel Healthy and Happy

Raise Kids Who Give

We want to raise kids who see others, love people and give big. For a year, our family intentionally sought places to give/volunteer once a month. It was fun to watch our kids become more aware of the unmet needs around them and what they could do to help.


And just for fun…

Create a Space that You Love to Come Home To

My husband and I always wanted to buy a home that needed TLC and make it our own. To be a great mom, you don’t need a perfect space! But, I think it’s fun, empowering and even healing to have this creative outlet. I love a pretty, comfortable place to start and end our crazy days in. Also, I posted these pictures of our home in a pristine state – because if you post it on the internet as perfectly clean, then our home is always spotless…right!?!

DIY Kitchen Remodel (With Barn Wood Countertops!)
Our DIY Bathroom Remodel
DIY Master Bathroom Remodel
DIY Bedroom Remodel
My Remodelaholic Guest Post – How to Create a Sliding Mirror Over a Bathroom Window
Sadness Over Change and The Good Stuff It Means {DIY Complete Home Remodel Photos}

How a Messy Home is Good for Your Kids