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Gifts for Moms: Presents that Moms Raising Tweens and Teens Will Love

(Inside: Gifts for moms that they will love. Here are fantastic gift ideas that say “I love you” to the mom raising tweens and teens.)

Are you looking for a gift for a mom raising tweens and teens?

You’re about to make her day.

Because between work and community and family, moms of older kids have been juggling and giving and giving some more for well over a decade. We’re busy. And the causality of that is this common theme: we take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves. A gift to a mom disrupts that pattern – it reminds moms that we are seen and loved and appreciated.

A nice present means so much. 

Since I am currently in the thick of raising two teens and a tween, I thought it’d be fun to think about the needs (and wishes) of a mom specific to this season and make a list of what gifts she might like. Here are some things that moms parenting tweens and teens love…



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Moms love our coffee and warm drinks – best gifts for moms

We look forward to our steamy, warm drink every single morning. The just-right mug and lovely frother add to the joy. Moms love coffee gifts. 

Moms wanted that last piece of cake – best gifts for moms

That last piece of dessert…we wanted to see the smile on your face as you ate it, so we didn’t actually tell you we wanted it to. So, gift the mom in your life her own treats – every bite, first and last.

Moms love their comfy clothes – best gifts for moms

We just spent our money on soccer camp or new reeds for the saxophone, so there’s no way we’re going to buy ourselves the new pair of yoga pants that we really wanted. So if you notice and buy them for us, you’re our hero.

Moms love their fancy clothes, as well – best gifts for moms

As much as we love our comfy clothes, we still want to feel young(ish) and pretty, so we love our nice clothes too. But, before you buy any of these gifts, find out your loved one’s size. Don’t worry about the surprise factor; the fact that you are planning a gift and us knowing that is just as fun as the gift itself. Also to be noted, we hate returning things. So if it doesn’t fit, have a plan to get it exchanged without help from the mom in your life. 

Moms love their jewelry – best gifts for moms

Jewelry just never goes out of style. Moms love a new pair of earrings or necklace or bracelet or ring. This is a fantastic go-to gift idea for moms. 

Moms love their family to help clean the house – best gifts for moms

Do you really want to make us happy? I mean over-the-top fill your mom (or spouse) with joy? Embrace cleaning. Here’s a lovely way to present this gift: (1) clean the whole house, (2) grab the printable below and tuck it into a sweet card with kind words, (3) tell mom that you will be organizing the family to clean once a week for the next month. Mom will swoon. The end.

clean house

Moms love sentimental jewelry – best gifts for moms

Moms of tweens and teens become a little (a lot) over-sappy. We see how fast time is moving and realize that the parenting days with kids in our home are fleeting. Sentimental gifts that mark this season of life are so appreciated. Here are some ideas. 

Moms love photo gifts – best gifts for moms

Again, time is moving way too fast for moms of older kids. Photo gifts showcasing sweet moments that we can look at forever – total win.

Moms love memories – best gifts for moms

Of course, moms love when their family members print out some photos and put them together in a photo album. We mean to do it, but the days are so busy – so if it is done for us? Just heaven.

best gifts for moms
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Moms love family time – best gifts for moms

If I had to nail down “what moms want” to just a few things, at the top of the list would be this: time with our families. Plan a family night: a game or puzzle, some snacks and a movie. That’s pure gold.

Moms love our gadgets – best gifts for moms

I’ve wanted the iRobot and Shark vacuum/mop for years, but haven’t spent the money because school supplies and sports camps, and new shoes for my teens… Moms love our gadgets so to have someone pay a little more for the expensive thing that makes our lives easier and gift it to us is just lovely.

Moms love a nice family dinner – best gifts for moms

Again, a top item moms love: a nice family meal that they did not have to plan, cook or clean up after. Going out to eat is always a hit.

Moms love gift cards – best gifts for moms

Moms still love that gift card that says, “but whatever you want!” It’s such a treat.

Moms love pretty nails – best gifts for moms

I was just introduced to Color Street (see below) and absolutely love how easy it is to do my own nails. I love looking down at my hands and seeing beautiful colors. Does the mom in your life love to have pretty nails too? These might be good ideas for her…

Moms love self-care – best gifts for moms

Moms continually give (and are happy to do it!), but we also so desperately need to also take care of ourselves. If you put together some self-care items then pick an evening/day that the family handles everything so that mom can enjoy rest and relaxation, what a gift that is to her.  

Moms love inspiration and journals – best gifts for moms

By the time moms get to the chapter of parenting tweens and teens – a thing or two in life has happened. Good stuff, but also hard stuff – and moms need time to process and be encouraged. The Lysa Terkurest books have helped me unpack my thoughts, grow from, and move past some hard stuff (including a later-in-life miscarriage), so I highly recommend her work. Here’s also a list of 60+ of my favorite inspirational books

Your turn!

What did I miss? Have you gotten a gift for mom that she has loved? Leave a comment and let me know. And also, before you go, don’t forget to join our community of moms of bigs here. 

Join this community of moms raising tweens and teens here.

Join this community of moms raising tweens and teens

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