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Parents, God is Working in Your Big Kids’ Lives

(Inside: God is working in your big kids’ lives. Notice it. Look for it. Choose faith, then wait and see how God is moving…)

God is not done with your big kids yet.

Don’t even think he is done, not even for one hot minute.

God is working in your kids’ lives.

He never, ever promised it would be easy.

Not once.

But through the tween, teen, and young-adult years, as your kids journey, learn about the world around them, and unearth who they are. As you figure out when to push, when to pull back, when to say something, when to not, when to hold the line, when to fully release. Through every joy. Each excruciating challenge. In the mundane. Amongst the unknowns.

God is shaping your kids.


Helping them learn.

Letting experiences work.

Successes building confidence.

Failures shaping grit.

Disappointments refocusing, reminding them what really matters.




The hands of the creator moving with tenderness, love, and authority.

In it all, he’s constantly calling you and your kids back to him: “Find me, let’s talk about it. Pray, reflect, and pray some more. Lay your burdens at my feet and let me work. Allow me to breathe wisdom into you, let’s keep walking together, here’s your next right step. Keep going. How I love you so.”

Oh, it can be painful.

Life has an edge to it.

But it also has yellows, oranges, reds, blues, and purples peeking out from everywhere, finding us, sparking encouragement.

Momma of big kids, through this season, train yourself to look for hope.

Again and again, with stubborn tenacity.

Because God is not done with your kids yet.

No matter where they are in their journey, God is in lockstep with them, painting the most beautiful picture.

Choose to trust, then wait and see.

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In parenting, taking quiet moments with God helps me better gain perspective. Read more in the description here. 

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