Moms Need a Break and Good Things Can Come of It

(Inside: Moms need a break, even if you feel like you are energized by the busyness. To the mom who never gets a break, read on…)

Last summer I was a mom who needed a break. So, I cut back on my to-do list including maintaining my beloved garden.

Even though my garden takes up a good chunk of our backyard, and I worried it’d become an eyesore to my sweet neighbors who maintain an impeccable lawn – I still didn’t lift one green thumb toward my patch of soil. (Be gone peer pressure.)

Spurring me on, my gardener friend (and mom of three littles too) approved. She said I was letting the garden rest. Like my depletion of energy was intentionally planned for good – I love people who see the best in me. 


However, while I took a mom break, my strawberries did not.

They crept past their given space. They took over where I usually grow beans and tomatoes. And now, they cover most of my garden.

But, you know what? I love the takeover! Look at this bounty! I can’t even believe it – I never would have thought this would happen as a result of my slacking off.

moms need a break

I am telling you this is a sign for all of us moms constantly striving to do it all and do it all well. Especially when our hearts are screaming at us to slow down…

Let the grandparents babysit.

Ignore the dirty house. Or let your people help and be okay with the fact it isn’t exactly what you consider clean.

Skip the commitment.

Don’t paint your toenails. 

Ignore the hobby you love that’s annoyingly becoming a burden.

Don’t sign your kid up for the activity.

Say no to the position you didn’t want (or need) anyway.

Or say yes to the part-time work arrangement that you’ve desired so badly (and can afford) but are scared to accept because a-million-miles-an-hour is your comfort zone.

Pay for the grocery delivery or laundry service or cleaning people.

Say yes to your in-law’s invitation to dinner.

Take the shortcut when your natural instinct is elbow grease and hard work.

In other words…

Rest. Unwind.

Play instead of work.

Refuel. Rejuvenate. 

Slow down in the way that you know you need – even if other people don’t get you.

Yes, there are moments in life when we need to step it up or just go for that big dream. However, when our internal compass is pointing towards rest, then be reminded – good things come from taking a break!
moms need a break
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Moms who need a break – be encouraged by the full inspiration and self-care for moms series.

Why is self-care so hard for moms? Y’all, I ignored it for so long, that I had an epic mom crash. (I talk about it over here.) I never want to go there again, so it’s game on, self-care!

I recently listened to a podcast by the author of my favorite book on creativity (affiliate link), Liz Gilbert, where she talked about how she feels like she has been given the divine responsibility of being in charge of “Liz,” so needs to do what’s best for “Liz.”

Okay, I hope I don’t mess up the interpretation of what she said too much, but let me tell you how it went into my heart…

God gives us the sacred responsibility of taking care of ourselves. So, I need to see myself in the 3rd person. I need to step outside of myself in and say, “Cheryl doesn’t need to be doing that. She’s done enough..she needs sleep, or to say ‘no,’ or to sit and pet her beloved dog.”

For this go-go-go, do-all-the-things girl, that way of explaining our self-obligation was powerful. Self-care is vital. We better serve our families and communities when we are in a good place. So, be encouraged by the full series on self-care and other inspiration for moms.

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moms need a break

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