11 Inexpensive Meaningful Valentine’s Gifts Your Teens Will Love

 Inside: (Valentine’s gifts for teens. Eleven gift ideas that your teens will love. )
“Someday other women will hold these boys’ hearts, but TODAY…
I get to be their Valentine.”
I used to always post this on social media with the picture below because my boys were little, and their dad and I were their worlds. 

But, now they’re tweens and teens.

And Valentine’s Day gift-giving is trickier. But, I know it’s still important. These family traditions provide them comfort during the rollercoaster ride of their teenage years.

So, I wanted to include some Valentine’s gifts for teens ideas on this site for our community.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Let me know if you have better Valentine’s gifts for teens ideas – leave them in the comments below.
valentine's gifts for teens

Valentine’s Gifts for Teens

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1. Traditional Valentine’s Day Candy

In the big kid years, I think tradition can be more important than ever. Their world is ever-changing, as their bodies and brains grow so fast. But, those family constants provide stability. A steady family life and traditions sustain our kids more than I think we realize. We buy our sons variety-chocolate boxes, so simple, and they always look forward to them.

2. Gratitude Journal – Valentines’ Gifts for Teens

When I’ve done gratitude journals with my sons and students, it’s been a good experience. (I’ve taught high school for a long time, so I have a realistic view of success: everyone gets something out of it, but it’s never perfect.) 

Sometimes, gratitude journals hit your teen’s season just right, and they love it. And sometimes, it’s just not the right time in their life to do this – too busy or not in the right head space. But, I love giving them this gift and having it on their nightstand for them to be reminded of thankfulness and to be there when they’re ready to pick it up. 

This journal is very simply where a place to write three things daily that you are grateful for. For the busy teen, this one is inviting and not overwhelming.

My friend from Whitney Fleming Writes and Parenting Tweens and Teens wrote this one and I bought a bunch of copies for my nieces. I love that you pass it back and forth between mom and daughters. A great way to connect, especially when emotions are high and talking face-to-face is hard.

This is written by a teen boy, which made me look at it closer than the other options. This would be a good one for my sons and maybe yours. 

3. Socks – Valentine’s Gifts for Teens

I’m not even kidding, my kids love socks. Partly because, with three boys, we go through them so fast. I can’t keep up with buying them. Grandma tries to help, but we just can’t get our sock act together. If you find a matching pair without holes – a miracle! So, any gift of socks, and my kids are happy.

But, it’s not just practical socks, fun socks and comfy socks hit just right as well. Here are some ideas…

4. Candles and Essential Oils

Teens need to be reminded to slow down and take care of themselves, as well. Lit candles and lovely scents, after a long day of school, can help your big kids unwind. They set a calming mood, where kids can just spend a few minutes in their rooms processing their day until they start on their evening activities. They also set a nice environment as big kids work on their homework. These are a few fun items.

5. Lotions and Hair Products

Teens are into how they look and that’s okay. Fashion and style and taking care of themselves are now a thing. But it’s part of the growing-up experience as they find out who they are. These are some items to help them get ready in the morning.

6. Fun T-Shirts

Teenagers love their t-shirts. From throwing them on for school to just lounging in the house to working out at the gym or walking the dog, these ones are fun. 

valentine's day gifts for teens

7. Crocs and Shoe Charms

As a high school teacher, I love that crocs are back in. I see everyone (and I mean everyone!) wearing them and trading these shoe charms like we used to trade stickers in the eighties. I love things that connect teens. I’ve asked them repeatedly if I’m too old to join in, and they keep saying, “no,” but I still haven’t pulled the trigger on myself. But for my own teens…game on…

Get your kids laughing (like his grandpa did) by ordering one of the shoe charms to be a picture of yourself. The below video is hysterical.

8. Cards and Sweets

Teens need words of affirmation more than ever. Ig nor the eye-rolls and I-don’t-care attitudes, they mean none of it. Taking time to write out a nice card and tell them how you are proud of them and how much they mean to you. They will eat that up. Pair with some gum or mints or their favorite candy. It’s small and impactful. Hugely, so.

9. Trinkets

These trinkets make great gifts. I especially love the shape-shifting box. My sons had a group of boys over and they all ignored the PS5 and were trying to figure out the cube. The best. Also, the pacman game, my sons and I play each other, and it’s so fun. 

10. Words of Affirmation

Sometimes, teens need tangible reminders of how brave and awesome and loved they are. I especially love this pocket trinket. During a hard season in my life, I picked up a rock in a gift shop that said “faith” on it and put it in my purse. It reminded me, when anxiety would circle back into my brain, that I would get through. It reminded me to trust. It was simple, but effective.

11. Personalized Gifts

These can always be meaningful. Here are some good ideas.

Just for fun, hide the gift at the end of a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt.

You know how parenting is…some holidays, it’s just a card or small candy treat. Other holidays, you feel like doing something special. If you’re in the latter place for this Valentine’s day, check out this Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt specifically made for families of big kids.

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valentines gifts for teens

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