An Inexpensive Meaningful Valentine’s gift that Family will Love (Plus, Happy Valentine’s Day From Me to You)

 Inside: (A Valentine’s Day gift that holds a lasting impact nd thanks for reading Empowered Moms and Kids – I love you!)

Someday other women will hold these boys’ hearts, but TODAY…
I get to be their Valentine.
I hope you are feeling lots of love today.
Happy Valentine’s Day!



I’m a “Words of Affirmation” girl (The Five Love Languages), so the for Valentine’s day – I don’t need lots of stuff – just tell me how grateful you are for all that do and maybe sprinkle in some what you like about me too. That’s enough. I’m now officially yours. My energy tank is now brimming and what can I do for you, you sweet person who obviously loves me so much. I stumbled across these sweet journals where you can TELL people why and how much you love them and my heart melted right there. Yes, please. Yes, please. Yes, please. (Affiliate links.)

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