Help Your Children Daily See and Feel What it Means to be a Child of God {Valued and Loved}

(Inside: Free Devotions for Kids eBook that will help you teach your children what it means to be a child of God – so valued and loved. Help your kids see God and feel God every single day. Help your family see and feel God’s love in the ordinary.)



“Freckle Face,” an older boy had repeatedly called my son at recess.


Of course, my son came home upset.


How can two small words coming out of a thoughtless kid’s mouth put a rift in all that we have been trying to teach our son about how valued and treasure and loved he is?


As parents, we all try and teach our children self-worth and self-belief. It stinks when the world works against us.


A fire lit in me. My kids need to understand what it really means to be a child of God: valued and deeply loved.


So, I wrote a bedtime devotional activity to do with our children and am sharing it with you. Do you want to join me in teaching our kids to hit the mark with their thoughts and self-perceptions?

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Each week we focus on one truth God tells us about what it means to be a child of God. We read the same scripture verse all week and we write down one way we see God show up in our lives and reveal that truth to us during our ordinary day. We say our nighttime prayer and our kids go to bed thinking about how valued they are by Christ.


It is short, simple and powerful.


Life can be hard and we can’t always shelter our kids. But we can help them write on their heart – where it cannot be erased – how important they are because God intentionally created them and calls them His children. They can daily put on God’s armor so that when the insults fly and the challenges come, they can still be confident of who they are.


I am so passionate about this. I would love it if you would pass this information along and share this post. As mothers, let’s link arms and teach our children that they are valued, deeply loved, and children of God. This FREE eBook as written as a love letter from you to your child. I can’t wait for you to read it. 




In the download, the introductory letter is in pdf form but posted here also so you could copy and paste it into a word document to personalize it:

My Dear Child,


We’ve been thinking a lot about what we want you to learn most while growing up in our home. There are lots of great things we want you to learn. Important things like reading, writing, how to clean your room and how to be a contributing part of this family, but there are things that are even more important.


We want you to know that you are a child of God. God loves you and intentionally created you with your unique gifts and talents. Jesus wants a personal relationship with you. He is with you every day in the ordinary. He shows up right where you are: at school, at the park, at home, at church and when you are hanging out with your friends. He wants you to see Him, to feel Him, to know Him and to invite Him into your heart and into your life.


God calls you His child – His treasured child – and He wants you to know what that really means. God makes a lot of promises in the Bible that teach us what it means to be His child. We are going to read a promise each night and think of one thing in our ordinary day that points us to seeing and feeling God in our everyday life. We are going to let God write on our heart, where it cannot be erased, what it means to be a child of His.


People and life situations will sometimes tell you differently. Not everyone understands that everyone is a child of God. Sometimes people get too busy or careless and send the wrong message to others, whether they mean to or not. They might say that you are not good enough, or smart enough, or fast enough, or tall enough…


Even we – your parents – sometimes accidentally tell you otherwise. We love you more than life itself. We love you to the moon and back. We love you so much that it takes our breath away. We try our best to be great parents, but we are human and we sometimes we get tired or crabby or stressed. We might even sometimes make you feel not good enough, or smart enough, or fast enough, or tall enough…but we do not mean to. That is why we want you to know the truth of Jesus’ message.


We want to share God’s truths with you so that no matter what, you will know what it means to be a child of God. You will know how loved and cherished you are not by just your family and friends but by God.


My prayer for you is that you choose to follow Jesus and grow in your friendship with Him. No matter what life throws at you, we want you to remember these truths. Deep in your heart, we always want you to feel God’s joy, peace, love and beautiful hope.


your parents

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