My Kids Grow Too Fast (Sniff) – What to Remember

(Inside: What to remember when you’re sad your kids grow so fast.)

Today was the last day of school and I was surprised at how sad I felt. 


I’ve been looking forward to school being done and being home with my boys for months.  But instead of feeling the mounting anticipation of excitement, a lump formed in my throat.  As we snapped these last day of school pictures, I was overwhelmed with how big my boys have become.  Yesterday, they were babies.  I mourn the days when we have the whole day in front of us with nothing to do but be together.



But, if those sweet days had not passed and my boys were still babies, I wouldn’t know them as well.  I wouldn’t know who they are and what they like to do and what they think about. I would miss the blessing of watching them grow and change and their personalities emerge.


When I cling to the past, I have a hard time enjoying the present and looking forward to the future.


We can recall memories with fondness, capture them on our cameras and phones, but then turn the sadness into wondering…


…wondering what new treasures lie ahead.


What new book will my oldest want to share with me? What funny things will my middle son say? What new activity will capture my youngest sons attention this summer? What family adventures will we share? And in it all, how will I be stretched and strengthed through motherhood? 


Mommas like me whose hearts break a little bit each your child vertically stretches, remember: the past is sweet, but the future…


…it’s going to be awesome.


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