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How to Find Time in Busy Mom Life to Do What You Love (Guilt-free!)

(Inside: Moms, find more time in your busy life to do what you love. When you find that time, learn how to let go of the mom guilt and let that me-time nourish you.)


find more time moms
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Moms, do you wish you could find more actual time in your day to do what you love? Do you wish you could shake the mom-guilt so you could better allow your me-time to nourish you?


Moms, find more time…

 I talked about this topic at the Put the Me Back in Mommy Summit hosted by Isabelle Bridges. (Fun Fact: Isabelle is the daughter of actor Jeff Bridges.)

I presented on How to Find Time to Do What You Love (Without Feeling Guilty About it!).  I discuss: 

  • My epic mom-crash. 
  • Why taking me-time is not just important – it’s vital! 
  • How to let go of the mom-guilt. 
  • How to find more actual time in your busy day. 
  • How to maximize that time. 

Watch the replay below…

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find time moms
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