Why Moms are Important: This is the Huge Impact You Make

(Inside: Why moms are important and the importance of a mother in a family – it’s what every mom doesn’t just want to know but feel in her heart. Momma, no one can replace you – you are way more impactful and important than you could ever fully understand.)

Moms and dads, do you really understand the life-changing, extraordinary impact you make on this world through parenting?


Let me back up…

Sometimes, when I hear people say, “a mom’s job is so important,” it feels like lip serviece.

When I hear that phrase, I can think, “People are just saying that to moms because it’s what we all should think. But people don’t really value helping a kid with homework, driving them to practice, or making a ham sandwich. What society really values is doing more-more-and-even-more in careers, volunteer work, and everything else we juggle.”

Sometimes, the high emphasis on “doing more outside of motherhood” makes me wonder if everyday parenting actually makes a life-changing, extraordinary impact on this world. Does anyone else sink into the couch after a full day and wonder this too?

An unlikely place in scripture spoke strength into my heart about the power of being an “ordinary mom.” When reading the Bible, I usually skip the lists of people in the Old Testament because I prefer non-boring, but this time the unknown names captured my attention.

Why moms are important

Tucked around the stories of the BIG PLAYERS and their impressive journeys we love to repeat (Moses! Ruth! King David! Queen Esther! Noah!) are lists. Lists of names. Descendants. Aunts and uncles and cousins. Parents and sons and daughters. Families. Lineage. Heritage.

I stopped dead in my reading and pondered these people I usually ignore. Who were these people mentioned briefly only by name? What were their jobs? Or hobbies? How many hours did they spend washing clothes, cooking meals, or chasing little ones?

Take Moses – a man who found the courage to follow God, oppose a powerful leader, and walk a nation of slaves through a parted sea to freedom. Gargantuan stuff. But I wondered about his lineage.

How many people with a lifetime of ordinary played a part in Moses’ big story?

Did courage run in his family? We know his mom had the strength to put baby Moses in a basket and floated him down the Nile River to save his life. His sister followed the basket and when Moses was found and adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter, boldly offered to find a nursemaid. (His own mom.) Did those stories build courage in Moses?

Were Moses’ mom and sister brave because of their lineage?

Did Moses have a great-great-grandma who prayed incessantly for a strong family? Was his great-grandpa a good man who worked hard, loved his family, and sheltered his home with stability? Was his grandma a kind, loving mother? Did her kids feel the strength to be bold because they always knew they could come home to her quiet force, encouragement, and comfort food?

Did a lineage of everyday strength and consistency lead to a mom bold enough to hide her son, a sister strong enough to speak up, and a man who freed a nation?

why moms are important
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How do you really see the importance of moms?

Perhaps a secret to seeing God move is to look past the glory moments to the lineage of ordinary people. Generations passing down traits, learning from each other, transforming through the hard stuff, cultivating positive characteristics, and maintaining strong families. In this rhythm of genealogy, every day feels vital. And intentional. Like God placed each person in their line with great care. He wants certain qualities passed from one generation to the next.

The lists make me feel God’s words: “I am.” (Exodus 3:14)

I am the creator.

I am the orchestrator of life.

I am purposeful.

I am all-knowing.

I specifically placed you right here, right now with your unique characteristics, gifts, and talents. It was purposeful, so go.

Spread my love. Be my image bearer here on earth. Do ordinary well. Walk today knowing who you are and what you are called to do.

Be faithful in the little things, because…

…you never know what big things I might do in your life…

…or the daily impact I am making through you…

…on the people around you…

…and on the generations who will follow.

Because, I am here every day – moving and working in the incredibly significant ordinary.

Why Moms are Important Series

Do you really understand how important, how vital, how life-giving your role as a mom is?

Maybe you feel like you just poured the bowl of cereal this morning, but that’s not all you did. You nourished your kid. And through simple daily interactions, you teach responsibility, leadership, love, grace, faith, courage, and kindness. Your child will go out into life and share his or her gifts. Then pass everything you taught down to their kids. And next, their grandkids – your impact keeps rolling.

I’m getting chill bumps. Your ordinary work is extraordinary. 

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Why Moms are Important: This is the Impact You Make
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why moms are important

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why moms are important
Connect with your family over these 400+ Conversation Starters for families of teens.