interrupt anxious thoughts

What if You Interrupt Your Anxious Thoughts With Two Powerful Words?

(Inside: What if you interrupt your anxious thoughts with these two powerful words? What if you moved forward with this perspective?)

Momma, what if you interrupt your anxious thoughts with BUT GOD? 

The stress of work presses 100 pounds onto your shoulders causing your walk to stagger like a dehydrated distance runner at the end of the race and your brain to ping-pong frustration and depression long after the 8 hours are over.


What if God has equipped you to emphasize logic, problem-solving, and unity in your workplace? What if you can find the positive as your starting point and then keep moving forward with wisdom and hope? What if you can love, serve, and make a difference?  

The stress of home life has you stretched so thin you wonder when the rubber band is going to snap. Parenting or marriage or illness or bills or just the constant juggling act, the balance and answers and sleep elude you. 


But what if God reminds you of how he created you: for community? What if on your knees is where you look up and reach out? What if you speak your needs out loud and the people, resources, boundary lines, and hope show up? What if this breaking point is what helps you turn a new direction to find a better path? 

interrupt anxious thoughts

What if you’re about to launch big kids and the idea of your family changing is sucking all the wind from your lungs? You long for baby snuggles, park play dates, and youth sports. You jump in front of the freight train speed of time, hold out your hand in clear communication, and it still runs you over.


What if God still has so many great family moments in front of you? What if you love being parents of adult children even more than you love having kids in your home? What if you love watching them soar, pride swelling up in your chest? What if those beautiful babies of yours come home with spouses and grandbabies and you see your cup running over and over and over?  

The other day, my brain was pounding with stress and negativity as I sunk into the chairs at church hoping for a reprieve. Our preacher, in his gentle and kind way, read Ephesians 2:4, “But because of his great love for us, God…”

And my heart just stopped. 


The God who has great love for us. And purpose. Who tells us he walks with us every single second of the day. 

BUT what if GOD is going to get me through this hard with better strength, perspective, and confidence on the other side?  


I know sometimes situations just stink and that’s just the best explanation. I’m not trying to rose-colored-glasses anything. Real life can be cruel.  

But, what if in this negative self-talk situation, that’s not my story? And it’s not your story, either. 

What if BUT GOD? 

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interrupt anxious thoughts