life dumps on you

Sometimes Life Dumps On You, Despite Your Best Effort

(Inside: Sometimes, life dumps on you and you’ve done nothing wrong. Gain better perspective and peace with these thoughts…)

Sometimes life just dumps the worst parts of itself on you.

You’ve done nothing wrong.

Are a person of integrity.

Try hard, mean well, and keep going with strength.

And still, stink splatters.

Then, something dropped on my shoulder. In a plop-ish sort of fashion. I craned my neck to see brown and white splattered down my back.

It was bird poop.

Oh, my, please-let-me-vomit now. How does one enjoy guacamole with stink all over them?

But zoom out, life just sometimes does that.

Y’all, I was sitting in a restaurant with my friends in Arizona. I’d bought a plane ticket, gotten all excited, and flew out to visit dear people I only see once a year. The warm air hit my Minnesota skin just right as we sat outside waiting for the queso and chips to make their way to our table.

You can be the hardest worker in the office, and your position is still cut.

You can be a nourishing mom, and your teen still struggles with mental health, self-confidence, or friendships.

You can be a loving spouse, and your partner still walks out.

You can have the most pristine highlighted calendar, and you still forget The Important Thing.

You can eat healthy, exercise, and still get the illness.

And you can be sitting down to a nice meal in Arizona with dear friends, and a bird splatters wet, runny dung on you.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I think it’s important in the intensity of midlife responsibilities from paying bills to raising kids that we remember: sometimes life stinks, and it’s not because we did anything wrong.

There’s some peace in knowing that. We might need to let ourselves grieve. To lay on the bathroom floor crying out to God. But we don’t shame ourselves, no way.

Instead, we know downs will come.

But so will ups.

So, we grieve as long as needed. Then, the next day (or days later), we get up. We shower, get dressed, and maybe even apply a little mascara.

And we carry on knowing that, yes, life sometimes dumps the worst parts of itself on us, but it’s also always full of hope.

So much hope.

And we set out with determination to find that.

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