Momma, in this one precious life we have, paint your dreams.

(Inside: Momma, life is art, paint your dreams. Be inspired by what this means, then download a free printable to encourage you.)

My squeaky shopping cart stopped in its tracks. “Life is art, paint your dreams” was stenciled across antiqued wood.

That’s it.

That’s the life-giving art I’ve been dragging my three kids around the store trying to find.

Someone wrote that just for me. 

I’m sure of it.

What the saying meant to me tumbled into my brain in the half-second I decide the art belonged in my cart. Let me explain how these beautiful words hit my heart just right…

The last half of the saying, “paint your dreams,” urges us to create parts of our story. 

There are infinite dreams to chase; life brims with interesting things and places to use our gifts. Then motherhood reveals to us new sides of ourselves and introduces us to new passions. As we travel life, we unearth the dreams God has painted in our hearts. Dreams that beat so loudly inside of us, we just can’t ignore them – we get to go for them.

It’s beautiful and amazing, but then in the midst of enjoying ourselves…hard stuff shows up. Which is annoying and trips us up. When I am in the middle of pain, sometimes I can’t see past it. (Can you?)


So, that’s why I’m drawn to the first part of the saying, “life is art.” It creates perspective

Think about a painting. It’s full of paint strokes exhibiting various colors from bright reds, soothing greens, and splendid golds to dark hues of gray. We all like to be in the red/green/gold seasons of our lives – when life sparkles with goodness.

But, then there are the dark grays; the parts where struggle reigns and your problems are real. But the gray colors are an important part of the canvas. They accent the other colors in a unique way, and the beauty of the picture wouldn’t be the same without them.

We all hate that don’t we?

But the truth is: we don’t grow in the same way when things are easy. We transform through pain. Betrayal, feeling disregarded, failure and hurt are all great teachers. They develop empathy, problem-solving skills, creativity, compassion, strength, resilience, and determination like nothing else can.


Through this saying, I see a charge for us to discover our passions and go for them.

And I also see encouragement to, when we’re lost in the gray hues of the strokes, take a step back and look at the big picture. If we can’t see the art clearly yet, we cling to the faith that someday we might.

Because I love this saying so much, I wanted to create it on a printable for you. It’s free-ninety-nine, friends. Free. Free. Free. 

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Because, life is art, such beautiful splendid art. And momma, in this one precious life we have, stubbornly clinging to faith and hope, paint your dreams.

paint your dreams
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