A Beautiful DIY Bathroom Remodel in Parents’ Bedroom

(Inside: A bathroom remodel of the main bedroom. See how we transformed an outdated bathroom into an updated, refreshing space.)

You know how you start a project, get 90% done, then put off the finishing touches for like a year?

This is the story of our master bathroom remodel.

Our hang-up?

What to do with the mirror and windows in this bathroom remodel. But here’s what my husband finally came up with: a curtain rod with a sliding mirror. I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with his creativity.

So, now we are 98% done.

The last 2%?

Well, notice there is no toilet paper holder. Which really was no big deal because for the entire year we successfully set the roll on the back of the toilet. I’m not sure why now, but in the past week, our boys have knocked a complete roll of toilet paper off the back of the toilet into the water…three different times. Which also wasn’t a big deal, until the last time. It was the last roll of toilet paper in the house, it was late, and I was so tired there was no way I was making a Target run. I came into the bathroom and saw the last roll sitting sopping wet on the back of the toilet.

“Noooo!” Why, boys? Why?

They shrugged it off like, “this is not really a big deal, mom, you’re overreacting” (which I tend to do). Oh, my little boys. They can have a serious conversation about whether a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton could actually fit in our living room or not, but not understand why a sopping roll of the last of the toilet paper is a big deal to me. 

As a peace offering, my five-year-old did go get a roll of paper towels for me. (You are sweet, little boy, but – ugh.)

Girl problems in a house full of boys.

So, that toilet paper holder will be hung up. Tonight. It’s a must. 🙂


We completely gutted the bathroom:



bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel


Keep that bathroom remodel clean. This family cleaning chart works!

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