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How to Calm the Tidal Wave of Mom Emotions that Come With Parenting

(Inside: Big mom emotions are hard. They say being a teen is emotional, but I say being a parent of teens is – whew – incredibly emotional. Read on…)

They say being a teen is emotional, but I say being a parent of teens is – whew – incredibly emotional.

Look. We know raising big kids is a sacred place. A beautiful spot full of sunrises stretching its rays across watching our kids grow up and seeing who they are becoming. Gratitude and joy sparkle everywhere, and we do see it.

But mom life is complicated. You can love your life and acknowledge that raising big kids is also a stressful place.

No one wants to talk about how you don’t have the relationship with your teen that you want.
Or that your big kids are making choices that you need to unpack but don’t want to share because you can’t stand the thought of your community looking down on them.
Or that there’s stress at work or in your marriage or with extended family or about paying bills. Frustration reigns, and you feel yourself cracking.

Or that it’s hard to relax in your own home because your teen pushes all your buttons.

Or that you just feel edgy all the time and you can’t fully put your finger on why, maybe it’s all your hard-to-compartmentalize responsibilities.
Or that you’re normally a patient person, but you’ve found yourself erupting at the people you love most in the world, saying things you don’t mean, and instantly feel mom guilt for.

Or you just didn’t really realize the weight of loving another human so much that they literally are your heart walking around in the outside unsafe world.

So much to worry about from direction to is-your-kid-going-to-be-okay to will-they-find-a-good-friend.
Love. Pain. Joy. Anxiety. Contentment. Frustration. Hope.
Crash. Crash. Crash.

So, Jesus be near. Help us breathe in your promises.

You love our families.
Are for us.
Move in our lives.
Can always pull good out of hard.
You are a God of wisdom, next steps, and miracles.
Momma, close your eyes.
Pull air deep into your lungs.
Ask for a peace that surpasses all understanding.
Exhale slowly.

Breathe in deep again and imagine God’s calm trickling from your head down to your toes.

Lay all your troubles in front of him.
Let him pick them up.
One by one, feel your load become lighter.

Let the stormy waters recede. The tide inch its way back out. The waves relent.

One moment at a time.
Maintain your constant conversation with God throughout the day.
Step by step.
Ask God to help you untangle your thoughts.
Look for simply the next place to put your foot.
We can do this. See, we were never actually on an island because God is ever surrounding us.
He doesn’t promise it will be easy, but that he will be near. Always, always, and then some more. Moms have big emotions, but we have hope in sorting them out.
mom emotions

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