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Mom Who Works so Hard, You Need a Fun Shirt

(Inside: Fun mom t-shirt ideas. I’ve always been a shirt collector: vacations, teams, schools, and mom t-shirts. I love clothes that are cute and comfy.)

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The best part of my day is getting home from work and seeing my family.

The second best part is changing into comfy clothes.

Yoga sweatpants.

Thick, comfy socks.

And a cute t-shirt or sweatshirt that fits just right.

There’s just something about putting on warm, soft clothes that I think are at least somewhat-stylish (I’m not going for perfect) that helps me transition from work-mode to mom-mode. It’s a routine I always look forward to; the little things really do matter.

Normally, I have trouble spending money on myself. Life is so expensive, I find myself often paying for something bigger, like an alto sax so my kid can march in the band, and then placing the clearance-priced pair of yoga pants back on the rack because $9.99 at Target is too much to spend on me.


But, I just really enjoy my comfy mom t-shirts and wear them all the time. Because of that, my collection of mom t-shirts is growing, and I’m not even sorry. 

It is just an area that I will let myself spend money on. 

Hardworking momma, you also deserve to have those routines that are bright spots on your day: a cup of coffee, music relaxing you as your drive home, or comfy clothes that wrap their arms around you and remind you that your role as a mom is the best ever.

These are the current mom t-shirts I have my eye on. I’m making a list, checking in twice, gonna refresh my wardrobe a little. I thought you might what too, as well…

Hands down this MAMA shirts is my favorite. So simple and classic. I love pink, but there are myriads of colors to choose that will match anything. This one I could get away with wearing at work with dress pants and a sweater. Or for just my at-home joy. Yup – it’s at the top of my wish list.   

Where was this shirt when I was pregnant? Tacos and babies. Two of my favorite things. If you’re a click younger than me and still in this phase, announce to the world that you’re a mama-to-be with these clever Eating Tacos for Two t-shirts. I’m remembering this cute tee for my next baby shower. Because, again, where was this shirt when I was pregnant?

Where my girl moms at? Sport this fun Girl Mom/Mama t-shirt any day of the week. Your daughters are sure to love seeing your girl mom pride. This tee will easily become a staple in your wardrobe. 

As a mama of 3 incredible boys, I have a big ol’ soft spot in my heart for any boy mom t-shirt.  This Life is Better with my Boys tee hits home. It’s the message that I want my boys to hear, and the message that I need to hear on the best days and the hard days. ‘Tis true. Life is most definitely better with my boys.   

Doesn’t parenthood sometimes feel like you’re in the trenches? These camouflage Mom Life tees give off a fun vibe with the right amount of “Mom life requires hard work” on the side. The best thing about this shirt?  It comes with a matching camouflage Kid Life t-shirt that works for both a son or a daughter. Camouflage has always been one of my favorite designs to wear – it always hits the mark.

I loved sports growing up. It was a big part of my high school and college experience, so I wanted to share that side of myself with my sons. I’m so glad they like sports too. They don’t have to be top athletes on the top teams, I just love seeing them moving and having fun. So, yes, a sports mom tee is, of course, going to make it onto my list. Especially this basketball mom shirt – it’s perfect. When’s Christmas?

We’ve all been there.  Those days that feel a little bit out of control.  he days the jug of milk gets tipped, the kids can’t get along, and we’re running late. The days where This is my Circus, These are my Monkeys seem to ring a little extra true.  But even in those days, we can be so thankful for our little monkeys that we get to call ours.  

I remember thinking I was tired before I had kids.  Then I had kids. Yeah, I was NOT actualy tired before. This #momlife tee is cute and accurate and goes with anything in your closet. Yup, I like it.

If there’s one t-shirt that states the truth more than this, I need to see it. Chaos coordinator is a badge of honor for the mamas of the world.  We hold so many of the THINGS together.  Appointments, birthdays, piano recitals, switching the laundry, and remembering the last time the pre-teen showered to name a few. This tee is perfect for all moms.

It all comes back to this.  Whether you have one kiddo or ten. Whether you carried your child or fostered your child or adopted your child, this Blessed Mama t-shirt sums it up.  In the good and bad, the happy and hard, the highs and lows, you have the privilege of pouring your life into another life. No person has as much influence on your child as you, Mama (and Dad).  Let’s not forget that you truly are one blessed mama. 

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