A Busy Mom’s Christmas Prayer for Her Family

(Inside: Christmas prayer for family – a busy mom’s prayer for her family to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. Build your faith in the holiday season. See God in the holiday hustle.)


A Busy Mom’s Christmas Prayer for Her Family


I always decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Always. My house could be on fire and I’d still find a way to dust off the fake tree and hang the tinsel. Because I love the holiday season.  

However, I think I’ve learned to love the adult version of Christmas. (Which is very different than the kid version of the holiday.) Over the years – it’s been a slow opening of my eyes to see God in the hustle over feeling stressed because of the hustle. So here I am again, about to put up the tree, whispering this prayer…


Lord, help me see you… 


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When we’re unpacking the tree and finding the lights…help us to remember that this feeling of excited anticipation is what your people felt when they heard you were sending the promised Messiah.   

When we hang the collection of ornaments, a wooden bear from the Rocky Mountain National Park, a cross-stitch ornament nana lovingly made…help us remember that you purposely created us all with beautiful uniqueness.  

When we wrap the gifts, smoothing brightly colored paper around each box…may we be reminded that you wrap your hope around us. Always and forever.    

christmas prayer for family

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When we gather around the lit tree, legs tucked under blankets, the dog nestled next to our kids, and read the Christmas story…help us remember that you invite us into your story. You invite us into your Kingdom and life-giving works here on this earth.    

When we  press the Hershey’s kiss into the middle of the ball of peanut butter cookie dough…may we be reminded of how sweet it is that we have a God who is always working in our lives in powerful ways.  


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When we lift our lighted candles at the end of the Christmas Eve service singing, “silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright”…may we feel grateful for the peace you pour over us during worship.    

When we open the gifts…may we remember the reason we give is to remind ourselves of the ultimate gift – baby Jesus.


Photo by Madison Kaminski on Unsplash


And most of all – when the celebrating all goes awry… When the blizzard (or pandemic) hits and plans are canceled… When someone brings up the word “democrat” or “republican” at the Christmas eve dinner table… Or when your  Christmas tree  crashes to the ground shattering ornaments and dumping water all over your wood floor (this just happened to my friend)…

In those imperfect moments, help us remember the biggest message of Christmas: our salvation is based on grace.  The grace of a God who loves us so much he tucked the best gift into a humble manager. Grace that to walk with Him, we only have to ask. Grace that is  gently whispered  from every corner of our imperfect lives: You need me, you need me, you need me – I am a God of grace. Follow me. 

In the holiday hustle, Lord,may I see you.  




christmas prayer for family

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Yes, I want all of the Freebies!




Besides this Christmas prayer for family, continue to be encouraged by reading the full “raise kids of faith” series.

Over the years, as my kids have grown and their seasons have changed, I find myself going back to this one prayer, “Dear Jesus, please let my kids desire to have a relationship with you and follow you.” If as they journey through life, they consistently go back to their Creator for comfort and guidance, it’s all going to be okay.

So, as a mom, I strive to (in my imperfect way), teach my boys faith.

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