free weekly planner for moms

Working Mom Planner: A Quick Fix to Getting Your Family Organized

(Inside: A working mom weekly planner for busy moms. A planner to help your entire family stay organized and get places on time. )



I write all of my three kids activities on my monthly calendar and then highlight (using three different colors) each kid’s schedule. 

And in one week, I still missed 

…an ortho appointment. 

…and one soccer practice. 

Gone. I did not remember either at all. 

No wonder the last time I was at the orthodontist and I was sitting in the waiting room right in front of the receptionist, she called me on my cell to ask where I was. “Hi!” (Me waving at her.) “Yes, I’m right here in front of you.” (Sweet lady – she’s not used to me being in the actual waiting room on time…)  

What’s a girl to do when she can’t keep it all straight?

The old-fashioned monthly calendar wasn’t working for our family.

I needed help.

Thank goodness for mom friends and all their good ideas. One of my good friends gave me a tip I’m loving. First, I switched to using a Google calendar that synchs with everyone in my family’s phones. But, people don’t always daily look at their phone calendar, so that wasn’t the game-changer.

Here’s where what turned on the lights in our home…

My friend told me every Sunday her family sits down and writes out the weekly schedule. She even shared her spreadsheet with me.  

So, I copied her – and guess what…we’ve had a nice little stretch of making it to all the things…ready for this…on time!  

Weekly working mom calendar so you can see a visual of the whole week and get everyone where they need to be:

I appreciated her calendar, but I needed a little more room in the after-school squares and I wanted to make it a little prettier, so I made my own. Then, because sometimes I can be a “try-hard” (according to my kids), I made a couple more varieties of weekly calendars to best meet what we’re doing that week. 

I know moms in our community, are busy, busy, busy, and I like having time savers and parenting hacks on this site, I’m sharing my glorious weekly calendar with you.

weekly calendar

The life skills we’re teaching when we talk through this working mom planner with our families: 

Moms, when we simply do life with our families, we give our kids important tools they’ll use forever. But I know we don’t think of it that way. We think we’re just doing what needs to be done – so I want to point out all the amazing life lessons you’re teaching(And how awesome you are, momma!)  

When we sit down on Sunday evenings and talk through the family schedule, we’re teaching our kids: 

  • Communication skills 
  • Organizational skills 
  • How to lead their own lives 
  • Ownership in the family 
  • How to work well with others (Team-player skills) 
  • Be intentional with their time 
  • Keep trying until you figure out what works. (Each season calls for different kinds of organization methods. We keep figuring out what works for the “right now.”)
  • And so much more

Mommas, you’re doing a great job. Keep moving forward knowing your family needs you times a million and then some more.


weekly calendar

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