Moms Need Real Friendships That Look Like This

(Inside: Moms need real friendships. Friends who love us and support us just as we are. This is one way that healthy mom friendships can look.)

I didn’t realize how much moms need real friendships.

Friends who let us unleash our unfiltered thoughts without judgment. And laugh with us and challenge us and sometimes just say “I hear you.” Who know us and chose to like me.

Friends who realize we all need people, but we’re also all tired. Ones who are happy that our “going out” is sitting by each other at our kids’ joint games. Or talking a walk or texting encouragement.

I didn’t realize how much moms need real friendships.

Friends whose lives collide with ours. We watch each other raise and launch our kids, sharing stories. From the daily grind to deep personal heartaches to curve balls to hoped-for prayers coming true.

Friends who don’t care about competing or agreeing with each other all the time. Rather just lifting each other up. Sharing burdens and helping each other navigate this messy life.

There’s just something so sacred about the people we share life with.

Who’ve witnessed all the happenings.

And know what each other’s families have walked through and how far we’ve all come.

I didn’t realize how much I’d need other people in mom life. But I’m glad I was open to friendships, showed up at my kids’ activities, met parents, and said yes to getting to know my community. I have and still gain comfort, nourishment, and joy in unexpected ways.

I’ve grown a lot through this mom journey. Through it all, I’ve become more appreciative of those whose lives/interests/kids/work/families overlap with mine.

What a gift.

I didn’t realize how much moms need real friendships. But now I know, and I’m grateful for them.

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