Easy Mom-Son Photo Ideas You Will Love

(Inside: Mom son photo ideas to help me forever remember this chapter in your life. Cute mom and son photoshoot ideas you can easily do.)

Of all the epic inventions out there, why hasn’t someone figured out how to freeze time?

Or even just bottle up moments so we can go back and visit them anytime.  My babies grow too fast and it bothers me. My heart breaks a little bit each time one of my boys turns a year older.

So, my inexpensive therapy???

I’ve tried to come out from behind the camera and be in pictures with my sons more. The camera is the closest invention we have come up with that captures a moment. 

I will take it … well … until someone comes up with something better.

I’ve been playing with Photoshop and different ways to edit.  Here’s what I came up with.


mom son photo ideas
mom son photo ideas
mom son photo ideas
mom son photo ideas

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There is just something about raising all boys. Yes, you get “The Comments.” 
“Are you going to try for your girl?” (That question was recently asked of me while my three teen/teenage boys towered next to me. *No, I think we’re calling it done. But you made my day by implying that I’m young enough to still have babies.*)  Or, “Wow – you must be tired.” (*That was sure negative to say. Still…let’s be clear – I am.*) 

But, there’s something so crazy-special about being surrounded by men who love their momma. These boys are my entire world; and even though this website is for moms raising tweens and teens (stemming from my love of teaching high school), I find I can’t help by sometimes write about raising only sons.

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Easy Mom-Son Photo Ideas You Will Love

To the Mother of All Boys

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