How to Forever Save Our Best Mom Moments

(Inside: How to save your best mom moments. We want to cherish our best mom moments; here are tangible ways to save them forever.)

I had an amazing, very best mom moment on Mother’s Day.  The busyness of life paused and the joyful moment unfolded in slow motion.

I’d gone away for a relaxing, refueling girls’ weekend at one of my friend’s cabins.  It’s taken me years to realize the importance of self-care. Even though my head knows all the benefits of happy moms, as I was about to leave for the weekend, my guilty heart doubted if I really wanted to leave my family.

But the weekend was just what I needed. My friend and I drove home on mother’s day morning feeling refreshed and renewed. 

As my friend pulled into my driveway, I knew my family wouldn’t be home. They were at church without me. However, I saw sitting in front of the garage a vertical planter my husband had built me.

It was full of handwritten letters from our boys telling me what they loved about me. 

save best mom moments

I was overwhelmed. I snapped pictures and smiled through the letters.

Minutes later, my husband pulled into our driveway with our sons. Their little noses were pressed against the side windows of the back seat, excitement reigning.

The next moment was a reunion of complete joy as each boy clambered out of the van to hug and kiss me and give me even more homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

I loved listening to my husband tell me his inspiration for making me the planter and my boys all about the gifts they created. 

save best mom moments

I never want to forget Mother’s Day this year – I felt deeply loved.

 I want the moment etched in my heart forever, so I’m recording it on my blog.

As moms, we all have the desire to bottle up memories to return to and smile about. On some level, we realize how good fond memories are for our well-being. Studies show: Nostalgia is good for us, giving us increased optimism and less anxiety about the future. 

Capturing our memories is essential for our self-care, but that doesn’t mean we all need to spend hours of time creating the perfect scrapbook.

There are lots of what to capture your memories in an empowering way, not a stressful one. Here are some ideas (affiliate links):

1. Take lots of photos and videos.

Take lots of pictures and videos. Keep it simple, and organize your digital photos by date. Or get fancy and organize the files by year and events. I do have my photos on the cloud, but I also back up my photos on two hard external hard drives. Then they are placed in fireproof boxes for safekeeping. 

2. Journal.

Tuck your journal in your purse and while you’re parked in front of the school, waiting for volleyball practice to end, jot down your thoughts for the day. Or write in the morning or before bed. I know we don’t have lots of time, but focus on what time we do have and write just a few sentences about what you want to remember. 

3. Calendars

My friend jots funny things her kids say or a moment she wants to remember directly onto her calendar. Brilliant. 

4. Scrapbook

Some of the best gifts ever from my mom were scrapbooks of my growing-up years. I grew up in a military family, so we were constantly changing homes and getting rid of “stuff.” But, my mom took lots of pictures and saves paper keepsakes. When we graduated from high school, as part of her empty nest therapy, she threw everything in scrapbooks. They are (mainly) in order, they aren’t fancy, no stickers or cut-outs, nope. And they are spectacular. What a gift. Keep it simple, do it up fancy – through together a scrapbook to save all your best mom moments.

5. Memory Boxes

If you like the idea of scrapbooking but know you’ll never follow through, memory boxes are for you. Throw your memories in there and call it organized. 


6. Shutterfly Photo Albums

This is totally my thing, I’ll try not to be over-the-top enthusiastic here. I’ve tried other companies and prefer Shutterfly because of the multiple coupons you can put in. I usually wait for the 50% off sale, put in the free shipping coupon, and then put in the coupon mailed to me with my previous item ordered if it hasn’t expired. I make a Shutterfly album every year. I spend way too much time organizing the photos, pictures of schoolwork/art projects, and recording the funny things my kids say (remember this is my joy – don’t ask me to cook you dinner), but you can upload photos and the program will automatically place them in the book for you. Way easier and you still get a beautiful memory book.

7. Magnets

Cover your refrigerator with memories. You are sure to meet nostalgia at least three times a day! 


8. Photo prints

Print your favorite memories and make them into canvases or photo tiles or frame them. 


9. Mugs and Tumblers

I just bought my parents a mug with a favorite family photo. My family lives in different states, so I know grandma and grandpa love photo gifts that help us all seem a little closer.

Your Turn: How do you save your best mom moments?

What are your favorite ways to save your best moments? What did I miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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save best mom moments

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