To The Mother of All Boys (Huffington Post)

(Inside: Encouragement for moms of all boys.)


My second article made it on to the Huffington Post. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, it would be my honor if you would check it out.


I am a mother of three boys. No daughters. Just three wonderful sons. So, I have always heard comments like:

Are you going to try for your girl?

Three boys… whoa… you must be tired.

Three boys. (Light-hearted laugh.) Man, I feel sorry for you.

Or that awful saying that goes something like this:

A son is your son until he takes him a wife. A daughter is your daughter for the rest of your life.

I love being a mom of boys and I know people aren’t trying to be mean, so these kinds of comments don’t normally bother me. (Well, maybe except for the last one… who wants to ever think their child will go off and never return? What a horrible thought.) But the remarks aren’t exactly encouraging or uplifting either.

Recently though, I heard a comment about my boys that I continually turned around in my head until it seeped deep into my heart. It made me feel like I could not possibly be blessed more than by being a mother of three sons. My family and I were eating breakfast at my grandmother’s senior living center. It was normal family mayhem. My husband and I helped our kids through the buffet. (“No you cannot pile only donuts on your plate.”) We were up and down during the meal refilling plates. We cleaned up an orange juice spill. Then our chaos was interrupted…

…to read more head over to The Huffington Post: To the Mother of All Boys


PS – Bear Gryll’s show is a boy mom’s dream. I mean, I couldn’t get any member of my family to watch Beauty and the Beast with me. And forget Frozen. One son actually thinks Frozen is what the F-Word means. (“All that singing, mom!”) So to find a show that entertains both me and my family – golden. When the book To My Sons by Bear Grylls came out, I snatched it up. This is something the whole family will enjoy. Each page has a simple idea or quote that prompts table talk at meal times. I love the family connection it promotes.(But then, of course, we sometimes chew our food silently with glazed-over looks. We can’t nail conversation all the time.)
Photo by Toia Montes de Oca on Unsplash

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