Be a Giving Family Using the Awesome Once-a-Month Strategy (May)

(Inside: A giving family is a strong family, and that’s what I hope we are. We’re working on being a giving family through the once-a-month strategy.)

“If our church body disappeared instantly, would our community notice?”

The pastor’s question caught in my throat.

He continued, “As a church, do we pay attention to God’s calling of giving and serving those in the community around us?  Does our church reflect God’s love and provision in our community?  Do we just talk the talk or do we actually walk the walk?”

That man spoke right to my heart because we’ve been working on noticing the needs around us more. We’ve been trying to become a more giving family using a once-a-month strategy.

(Read about the start of our journey here.) 

So in May, when a local organization called on our church to help meet the needs of foster kids aging out of the system, my heart stirred. We need to purchase household items for these young adults as they transition to independent living. When the state pulls back on its support, the church and community need to step up.

However, even though I knew we needed to participate, I didn’t want to.

Here’s why.

We bought an older home we’re slowly renovating. The bathrooms have always needed to be gutted and redone, but because it is an expensive project we put it on hold. This month our upstairs shower laughed maliciously, then leaked into our downstairs bathroom. (Thank you very much for interrupting our budget and lives and forcing us to start this remodel.) Ugh. 

But, we’ve resolved in our mind no more excuses, giving is a priority (and posting holds us accountable because, in a strange way, I care what you all think), so we hit up Ikea.

I’m not going to worry if we’re giving enough, just do what we can do (evil upstairs shower still laughing), I repeatedly told myself as we shopped.

I hope we’re teaching our kids to make giving a priority, even when it is inconvenient.

But even more than that…

I hope WE continue to make giving a priority, even when we don’t feel like it.

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Read more of our journey to become a giving family and the Once-a-Month Strategy.

Our family is working on giving. We love the science-based benefits of teaching kids to be generous. says,

“The benefits of actively fostering children’s charitable impulses are enormous. Besides helping counter the overdeveloped ‘gimme’ impulse, it gives kids a powerful boost in self-esteem to realize they can make a difference in someone’s life. ‘And as corny as it sounds,’ says Patricia Schiff Estess, a New York City writer and the author of (Amazon affiliate link)
 Kids, Money & Values, ‘when you help a child help others, you are helping to create a better world.'”

That lesson floating around our home for a year? Yes, please.

So, we started what we’re calling the “Once a Month” strategy. Each month, we looked for a way to give, and very often, it involves just noticing what’s already in front of us. (Convenient!)

Here’s how the once-a-month giving strategy rolled out: 

One reminder:
If you decide to take use this giving strategy, remember this is YOUR THING. Do what God places on YOUR HEART. Whatever works, big or little. Your family will be moved by however you decide to extend your hand. And hopefully, so will the people you give to.

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