mom believe in miracles

One Simple Step to Help You Be a Mom Who Believes in Miracles

(Inside: Do you want to be a mom who believes in miracles? Do you want to choose to operate from a place of hope in parenting? Try this…)

I am a mom who will always believe in miracles.

I believe the teen who is struggling in school, through encouragement and support, can find their way back to liking school and thriving in it.

I believe that there are peers who are looking for a friend exactly like the tweens who are feeling left out. I believe that all teens can find their activities and their people.

I believe the unconfident teen will gain confidence.

I am a mom who will always believe in miracles.

I believe that when kids are wrestling with mental health, there are doctors and professionals who can help.

I believe the big kid who got cut from the team can train like their life depends on it, then try out again and make it. Or they will find a better place to use their talents – one that’s more rewarding, fulfilling, and sheer fun.

I believe that picking up my kids on time, making meals, and providing a safe home for them, will sustain my children far into adulthood in positive ways I will never fully understand.

I am a mom who will always believe in miracles.

I believe that our tweens, teens, and young adult children are highly capable.

They are resilient.

Will learn.


Find their way.

And grow into the best version of themselves.
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But my brain doesn’t always start with this hope-filled thinking. Sometimes, whatever hit my big kid has taken in life ricochets off a sensitive part of my heart, plummeting me into negative self-talk. Yet, I’ve found a tool that helps.

I mentally lay that situation in front of me. The one that’s making my heart race, my head spin, and my stomach knot: my big kids are struggling with “this thing.”

And I lay truths upon it.

Truth: There is hope in their situation.

Truth: People to encourage, places to go for help, different paths to take.

Truth: They might learn and grow and mature in the best of ways through this challenge; they will find their way through and come out the other side stronger.
In parenting, this mind battle can be hard.

However, as a mom, I know that in every situation there truly, truly, truly is hope. I just need to notice it, hunt for it, and then stubbornly cling to it like a life preserver in a storm.

So, throughout the high-low-and-everything-in-between journey of mom life, I will fight to always come back to having faith. And then choose to parent from a place of hope.

Because I’m a mom who will always believe in miracles.

mom believes in miracles
Is your big kid struggling with anxiety? This tool could help. Read more in the description here.

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mom believes in miracles
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