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Be a More Organized Mom: How to Take Care of Your Home and Your Heart

(Inside: Do you wonder how to be an organized working mom? Or how to be an efficient mom who keeps her family humming and also includes self-care? Read on…)

“I can’t do this anymore,” I stated matter of factly to my husband

I don’t know what made me say it; my defeated statement wasn’t planned. I just suddenly felt tired, even though my-9-months-of-the-year-working-mom-teacher-life hadn’t started yet.

But, I could feel it coming. My three boys and I had scoured Target for the last of the school supplies. We’d found a pack of pre-sharpened mustard-colored pencils here, a pair of shiny scissors there… My sons and I had sifted through their closets, purging the too-small clothes, tucking the summer clothes in the back, and bringing the fall clothes to the front. We’d marked our calendars with their soccer practices and tournament schedules.

However, instead of feeling the excitement and anticipation of the school routine, I felt like the world was closing in on me. Free time felt 9 months away. It was only August, and I felt like I was already suffocating.

I love motherhood, my teaching job, and being busy. But, I’d slipped into doing hectic life by “flying by the seat of my pants” and apparently the “seat of my pants” was done with me. A mental fog had rolled in and grounded my plane. Here I was at the end of summer, about to go back to teaching feeling overwhelmed instead of refreshed.


How to Be a Less Overwhelmed and More Organized Mom

13 years of parenting have taught me to listen when my body says, “Stop, I’m tired.” I reflected on exactly what I needed to reignite my zeal for life, work, and motherhood. I found I needed:

  • Daily routines for my family and me to help us all keep up with the housework, laundry, meals. (I needed my home to stay a tad bit cleaner for my sanity!)
  • Daily inspiration.

Even though I even felt too tired to put together a schedule, I knew that if I’d just get started, ultimately, I’d end up with more time and a happier heart. Even if I just got organized for a month (or a week), I knew it’d help.

A good starting point to becoming a more organized mom:

So, I played with a schedule of motivating tasks each day both for my home (organization) and my heart (inspiration.) I didn’t turn this into a rigid routine, rather it becomes my rhythm, my daily hum from about September through February. Then, when I hit March, I’m just trying to hold on to the bronco for the full 8 seconds and ride out the end-of-the-year craziness until blessed summer hits.

And because I love when other moms share what’s currently working for them, I’m sharing what’s keeping my home a little cleaner and my heart a little happier. Here’s the starting point for my routine (subject to be slightly adjusted weekly or daily)…



organized mom

Give me a printable of this schedule that I can hang on my fridge. 

Happy Home Happy Heart Free Printable!



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Monday – Meal Day

Organized Mom Action:

Cook 2-3 meals. Make your family meal for the night and double the recipe. Or cook up a bunch of one kind of meat and make into three different meals. For example, throw chicken breasts in the crockpot in the morning, then in the evening put together these three meals:

One meal is for dinner tonight. Put the second (and possibly third) meal into the freezer to pull out on a busy mom day.

Inspiration Action:

Listen to an inspirational podcast while you cook. Need ideas? I have a list of best podcasts for moms for you here. 


Tuesday – Tidy One Area Day

Organized Mom Action:

Set a timer for 15 minutes and clean out one messy area:

  • sock drawer
  • junk drawer
  • mudroom closet
  • bookshelf
  • spice cabinet
  • medicine cabinet
  • straighten shoes
  • or any corner of the house that’s bugging you…


Inspiration Action:

During the 15 minutes and while you clean, listen to inspirational music. Take deep breaths during the mindless task and let peace pour over you. Need a recommendation? I swoon over Lauren Daigle’s music. And your kids? Don’t worry – they’ll leave you alone to mentally refuel. They know you’re cleaning and if they get too close, they’ll be asked to join. That’s not until tomorrow babies, so give momma these 15 minutes…



Wednesday – Pick Up the House Day

Organized Mom Action:

After the family dinner, everyone helps clean the dishes and tidy up the house. There are 5 members in my family, so this is how we break it down:


  • Mom & Dad – dishes/kitchen, pack kids’ lunches
  • Oldest Son – straighten his bedroom and the basement
  • Middle Son – straighten his bedroom, the dining room, and the mudroom
  • Youngest Son – straighten his bedroom and the main living room

Basically, every kid straightens his/her own bedroom and one other room in the house.

Inspiration Action:

During the family meal, every person says something encouraging to the family member on his/her right. Y’all  – this world can be haaaaarsh. Let’s intentionally schedule time to encourage each other. Our minds, bodies, and souls crave encouragement. Soak in the sweet words your family says about you. Then encourage them to “get going” on their after-dinner chore with enthusiastic gusto and hope they buy it.


Thursday – Clean the House Day

Organized Mom Action:

After dinner, everyone does 1-2 chores to clean the house. Here’s what it looks like in our home:

  • Dad – dishes, pack lunches
  • Mom – bathrooms (I’m psycho about the bathrooms! I have 3 boys – they’ve done their damage, now let me do mine. Hello, Clorox. Or – heaven help me – straight bleach.)
  • Oldest son – vacuum
  • Middle son – sweep and swiffer
  • Youngest son – dust and windex the appliances

Remember the house is already picked up, so everyone can have their choir done in 30 minutes. (Mommas, even if your children fuss, stay strong in requiring them to help. It’s so good for little ones to have chores – it gives them ownership over our home and builds their leadership skills.)


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At dinner, invite your family to express sincere thanks for three “things” in their lives. Reset perspective by facilitating a verbal gratitude journal. I love this quote about gratitude:

“Going ahead in the midst of the stressful circumstances and giving thanks in that moment – you can’t simultaneously feel stress and gratitude at the same time. So as a parent, to go ahead and start to give thanks to God resets the whole family.” Ann Voskamp

Plus, your kids will need a moment to give thanks for their home, because they are about to clean it. Cowboy up, kids – let’s make our home shine.


moms get organized

Get a free printable of daily motivating tasks to help you take care of your home and your heart. 

Happy Home Happy Heart Free Printable!



Friday – Laundry and Refuel Day

Organized Mom Action:

By Friday, I’ve had a busy week. I’ve been responsible for 4 days in a row. And I’m so ungodly tired. Please don’t anyone expect anything out of me. I don’t want to be wise, or hard-working, and at this point don’t care if I’m an organized mom or not. So the most I can expect out of myself is getting 2 loads of laundry through the washer and dryer. And honestly, I’m a morning girl, so this chore usually gets done before I go to work. (Thank you speed wash/dry setting.)

Inspiration Action:

The inspiration is that your family has been organized all week. Your kids have been good. Or good enough. So now it’s their day – grab some pizza, let your kids binge-watch Netflix or rot their brains with video games. This is the day I refuel through blogging and drinking a caramel mocha with Friends on in the background. On YOUR Friday, find something that refuels you:

  • craft
  • movies
  • take a walk
  • take a hot bath
  • read a book
  • do whatever refuels you


Saturday – Laundry and Exercise Day

Organized Mom Action:

Again – the only chore I can stomach is another 2-3 loads of laundry. (That usually finishes the week’s laundry for my family.)

Inspiration Action:

Exercise. Walk your dog. Play soccer with your kids. Hike a local state park. Breathe in fresh air and release those endorphins.


Sunday – Rest and Reset Day

Organized Mom Action:

Take 45 minutes in the evening to with the family:

  • straighten the house (The whole family helps. Set the timer for 15-20 minutes and encourage everyone to hustle.)
  • pack school lunches
  • kids’ homework is done
  • make sure Mondays gear is ready and by the door


Sunday is family day/rest day. Most of the day is restful except for the evening when we prepare for Monday. Find time to do something restful:

  • prayer
  • journaling
  • nap
  • Church
  • card game
  • reading
  • Empowered Moms and Kids Meditations for Moms exercise.  


How to be an Organized and Happy Mom

That’s it.

Most days, the organizational action takes 30 minutes or less.

You guys – I can waste 30 minutes trying to find a good show to watch on television. We won’t ever FEEL like being organized, so mind over matter here. Know that a little mom organization each day will give us more overall free time during the week and much more overall sanity…and dare I say…JOY!

As I imperfectly continue to work on being a more organized mom, I find that small changes make a big impact. These small daily routines move my thoughts from  “I can’t do this anymore” to “It’s not about perfect, it’s about purpose.” I’m purposefully trying to daily be more organized, and when I fall off the wagon – which OF COURSE – I do…it’s no big deal. I just get back into my routine at some point and it all turns out “good enough.”

(Also to be noted: Different seasons call for different family routines. This might work for you for a month and that’s it, perfect. Onto whatever else your family needs. Mom life is full of flexibility and grace.)


Your Turn

What about you? What organization or inspirational daily tasks do you do? Let me know in the comments.


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