Barnwood Countertops are Inexpensive and Make Your Kitchen Remodel Beautiful

(Inside: A DIY kitchen remodel with beautiful barnwood countertops. The total cost of making the barn wood countertops was only $700 and look amazing.)

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I recently read that Pinterest stresses people out and makes them feel like they are not crafty enough.

Not me.

If I hang out with crafty friends that show me what they have done, I feel as though I have also crafted…just by being around them.

It’s the same with Pinterest. I see all the kitchen remodels and have felt like I have also remodeled my kitchen numerous times over the years.

We finally took all those ideas and executed our kitchen remodel with beautiful inexpensive barnwood countertops.

We finally took all those ideas and executed our kitchen remodel. (Our favorite inspiration is The Lettered Cottage.) My husband is the hero in all of this. He was the catalyst and did much of the work himself.

I didn’t do a good job of “before” pictures.

We will call this picture “in progress” because a few years before we had already laid down the flooring, changed the hardware, and livened up the cabinets with Walnut Restore-a-Finish. To truly get the before image you have to imagine white laminate flooring that was cut unevenly and stapled along the edges. The tired-looking cabinets were burdened with out-of-date big brass hardware.

barnwood countertops

The kitchen doesn’t get a lot of light so we wanted to lighten the cabinets.

We painted the insides light grey and hired a professional to paint the outsides.

We stumbled across a place that made recycled barnwood countertops and we were smitten.

Though the countertops were professionally made, my husband finished them with walnut stain and Waterlox sealer. He did 5 coats on the top and two coats underneath with sanding in between.

My husband (and his dad) made the beadboard backsplash.

The farmhouse sink and light fixtures are all from Ikea.

We ordered the glass cabinet doors, though my hubby had to cut the glass and put it in. It was easier said than done. We went through more glass than was necessary. In the end, though, we are pretty excited about how it turned out.

barnwood countertops
barnwood countertops
barnwood countertops

My husband also refinished the dining room table his parents were getting rid of. I painted the base and he sanded and refinished the top. We had family over this weekend and they didn’t even recognize the table.

And while I am on the subject of my husband’s handiness, he redid our fireplace a few years ago. One of our sons hit his head on the ledge that extended 18 inches, so my husband demoed it. Here is the before shot (well, kinda)…

Here are the after shots:

Then, as if he had not already done enough, my husband found a cozy little electric fireplace that fits perfectly in our real fireplace. It’s kid-friendly and heats up that room nicely. With this addition, I think I am officially in heaven.

It feels good to finally have our kitchen done. It is my new “happy place.”

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Creating our family space.

My husband and I always wanted to buy a home that needed TLC and make it our own. To be a great mom, you don’t need a perfect space! But, I think it’s fun, empowering, and even healing to have this creative outlet. I love a pretty, comfortable place to start and end our crazy days in. Also, I posted these pictures of our home in a pristine state – because if you post it on the internet as perfectly clean, then our home is always spotless…right!?!

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