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God, Help Me Remember This About Parenting Big Kids

(Inside: Parenting big kids can be so hard, and it can be so amazing. When it’s all said and done, this is what I want to remember about parenting big kids.)

God, help me to remember.

Idling in the pick-up line until the school doors flung open like a broken dam and middle schoolers pour out. My son opens the car door, releases his basketball bag, and I get to hear about practice.

All of us are around the table forks spinning spaghetti noodles. Busy days ending with dinner together feel nurturing.

Bowls of cereal, piles of shoes, glasses everywhere, laundry – the signs of life all around.

God, help me to remember.

My boys on the beach while I’m telling them to stay dry because we’re just about to leave for the airport. The pull of the ocean is too strong. They run with the waves forward, then back, smiles as big as the Midwest where we’re from. Husband and I are shaking our heads, laughing. They’ll be flying home wet.

When my kid is marching in the band, seeing his eyes search for us along the parade route.

The sounds of my sons getting along, playing music, shooting hoops, and sharing stories.

family at dinner table

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God, help me to remember.

How much I love taking pictures and videoing. The feeling of joy I get from documenting this ordinary life of ours.

My family circling the counter, mayo jar open, bread spilling out of bags, meat being chosen, content making fend-for-yourself dinner.

Piling in the basement after a long day, everyone’s finally home, hanging out, watching television, reading books, on screens, just all together.

God, help me to remember.

What it feels like to be able to guide someone in learning about life: helping with organization, navigating friendships, teaching boundaries, ignoring eye rolls, growing perspective, trying to bring out the best in them, and being their constant.

The hard stuff. Life can be so cruel, but what holy ground we stand on as we journey as a family figuring it out and getting through. The inner circle feeling of family is sacred.

How it feels to love someone so much. To hurt when they hurt, to feel joy when they do, and everything in between. To have pieces of your heart walking around outside of you.

God, please help me to remember.


Amazing, difficult, and mundane.

All of it.

Help me to remember this extraordinary season of raising big kids.

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