Momma, your kid is listening, hang on – you’ll see proof!

(Inside: Is your kid listening to what you are teaching him? We so often feel like they aren’t, but momma, they hear your messages. Look for the moments that are proof that they’re learning and growing and maturing.)

Momma, do you ever feel like you’re teaching about giving and kindness and work ethic and love in your home, but that your kids aren’t always hearing your words?

Me too.

I think most moms do. 

But, the other day – my family had. a. moment. I’d pick my two older boys up from ski club and was asking about their time. I specifically asked what they had for dinner as they always love to buy the hot dogs and hamburgers and fries from the grill.

Boys: Well, we didn’t get quite so much this time. We skipped our hot chocolate treat.

Me: Were you too busy skiing to want to stop and eat?

Boys: No. It’s just that when we were looking at the menu, we heard a boy talking to his friend about how he was hungry for dinner, but he didn’t have any money. So, we divided our money three ways and gave him money to eat. 

Oh, my heart bursting with pride and gratitude!


Moms, our kids are listening to us. They are learning the lessons we try so hard to teach.

If you’re struggling right now with parenting, hang on. In between “Go to your room and think about why you can’t smash your brother’s face into the carpet” and “You’re not getting up from the table until your seven missing assignments are done,” hope will appear.
You will see a shimmer of light in your kids’ actions that reflect your voice in their life. 
You’re doing a great job, mama. 
Keep moving forward and know that you’re words are making the world a better place. You are making an impact. 

Your kid is listening, and you’re doing so much more right in parenting! Be encouraged by reading the full “Imperfectly Thrive in Parenting” series.

Parenting is one of my biggest joys. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. From a young age, I prayed to have a family, and sometimes I pinch myself that my dream came true.

However, because this phase of life means so much to me, I can put too much pressure on myself to make the most of every moment, to handle every situation flawlessly, and to be the best mom ever. The truth is, I won’t do it all well and it’s not supposed to be that way. 

One of God’s goals for me is to lean on him – to turn to him, to trust in him, to seek his guidance and favor in this motherhood experience. The dips and turns and messy in mom-life help me do that. 

What a gift the imperfect can be. I do my best to try and articulate this idea in my imperfectly thrive in motherhood series. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. 

Imperfectly Thrive in Parenting Series

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Momma, your kid is listening – Hang on, you’ll see proof!

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