parenting tweens and teens

Raising tweens and teens – this is what it looks like…

(Inside: Parenting tweens and teens carries so many unique emotions, moments, and experiences. This is what raising tweens and teens looks like…)

Raising tweens and teens looks like your stomach flip-flopping all day at work because your child has her absolute-whole-being set on getting The Part, and in the next 8 hours, she finds out.

It looks like catching a glimpse of your tween curled up under blankets on the couch and your heart melting because he reminds you of a decade ago. When he was a baby, you thought it wasn’t possible to love him more – but it turns out that you absolutely do.
And discovering that the creak of the garage door signaling your young driver safely pulled in is one of the best sounds ever.

Raising tweens and teens looks like sometimes finding it hard to relax in your own home because your teen is pushing all of your buttons.

It looks like daydreaming about tossing your kids’ devices (phone, iPad, video game consoles) out the window and driving over the tangled electronic heap multiple times.
And emotional exhaustion from the normal adult responsibilities plus trying to figure out what’s going on with your moody tween and discerning if you should help with a solution or let them figure it out.

Raising tweens and teens looks like spending crazy amounts of time in the community from church to school events to Target.

It looks like not realizing that it meant so much to you that your kid’s team gets that last basket in – your tense body clasps its hands together as you hope big for a buzzer-beater.
And gathering bonus kids and other parents into your circle, enriching your life more than you could’ve ever imagined.

Raising tweens and teens looks like finding a wrinkled English paper in the depths of your teen’s backpack. You flatten it with a stroke of your hand and read the words your tween wove together to be stunned by the amazing person that she is becoming.

It also looks like being frustrated by your child’s choices, setting boundaries, and holding the line. It’s knowing that if your big kids sometimes don’t like you, you’re probably doing a great job as a parent.
And finally understanding what grace means and how to wholeheartedly give it to your family and, most importantly, yourself.
parenting tweens and teens
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Raising tweens and teens looks like a jammed packet schedule with the magician parent(s) getting everyone to and from where they have to be (mostly) on time with (hopefully) what they need to bring/wear.

It looks like trying to squeeze in conversations (because you so want to get to know your child) in the car, around the dinner table, while waiting for password reset emails.
And watching family movies, going on road trips, checking grades, ordering pizza, sifting through laundry, collecting dishes from the bedrooms, tripping over shoes piled in front of the door, and hoping someone will carry the piles on the stairs up.
Parenting tweens and teens is busy – it’s 8 pm feeling like midnight.
Parenting tweens and teens takes brain power – it’s saying a lot of prayers.
But it’s also –
And peering out the window to see your teen shoveling piles of snow off the driveway while wearing shorts and a hoodie.
And laughing out loud.

Because the most random of moments slow your whole world down and help you see – really see – your beautiful humans.

Their faces. Their smiles.
Hearing their laugher. And the sound of their voices.
And then feeling with every bone in your body how rich and full your ordinary life is.
Parenting tweens and teens.
It’s a gift.

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