funny stories about parenting tweens and teens

Funny Parenting Stories: Raising Tweens and Tweens is the Best

(Inside: Funny parenting stories to make you laugh – or at least feel not alone.)

As I cruised down the long stretch of road, a moment from my son’s recent field trip I’d chaperoned popped into my head. Alone in my car,  I laughed out loud. (Some memories are funny only in hindsight).

I love parenting older kids. This season can be incredibly hard, but then these quirky/silly/ridiculous moments cut through your day and the only solution is to laugh. So later, I started jotting down the stories. Because these kinds of moments turn memories sweet. And the sweet moments in parenting are what totally make my day. 

Are you also in the trenches of raising tweens/teens? Then, maybe you can relate to these stories too… 

funny parenting stories

When you’re sad your teen is growing up too fast

Seventh grade is over for your son. You can’t even believe it. He’s taller than you, his voice is deep, and you’re so confused. 

So as you tuck him into bed (no, you will not give that up even if he can now carry you), you tell him how proud you are of him. You’re proud of his work ethic in school, his curiosity in life, and the good friends he chooses. You tell him you are amazed at his growth and are loving who he is becoming. You hold back tears as you express how much you will miss him when goes away to college in 5 short years.

Then out of the corner of your eye, you catch the left side of the bed. There are about 18 inches between the bed and the wall and there is a pile of trash. Kleenex’s from his latest cold, granola bar wrappers, and LaCroix cans. Then leaning preciously on top of the mountain of trash is one of your nice plates. You lift the plate and as you turn it facing up, you see ants scurrying around licking the last of the butter and cinnamon-sugar toast.

You decide right then and there, YOU JUST MIGHT BE OKAY WHEN HE LEAVES.


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Hiking with tweens & teens

Your family (3 kids) is hiking in Sequoia National Park (California). There are signs everywhere warning you about bears. “Active bear area!” they say. “Remove your food from your car and put it in these bear safe metal containers!” the signs instruct. “And don’t be a dingbat and hike with food,” they remind us! You pray not to see bears, follow all the food rules, and start your family hike. 

Along the trail, what you see brings horror to your eyes. You notice the parents first. They look defeated. Their tween son has challenged them, they fought back hard with all their wise words, but clearly, he won…

Because he’s walking in front of them with – ready for this? – rope-candy around his neck. The stretchy, taffy sugar winds in a rope and hangs on each side of his chest. He lifts the sweetness and munches as he walks. He ignores all signs. He is the dingbat.

You march by with your three tweens/teens. Out of your family, someone says, “Whew, I’m so glad that kid is around. We FOR SURE won’t be attacked by a bear because that kid’s a goner.”

{A little later}

You’re hiking up rocks past an open field. The family in front tells you to keep watching the field to your right – a bear’s been sighted, if your lucky you’ll see it.

You tweens/teens are thrilled. They ask to borrow your good camera to look through the long lens for the bear. They hope one comes, they want a picture, they will ignore all of your shouts to run. They have become the dingbats. And they pray earnestly to see a bear.

You pray not to.

You also for the kid with the rope candy. And his parents. Because they really tried and they don’t deserve a stare-down with a bear. Parenting tweens is hard

family at dinner table
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A school field trip with your tween

Your tween son whines that you never volunteer at school. All the 5th-grade moms show up at some point. These super-moms help with reading groups, stop in to eat lunch with their cherubs, organize school parties, and of course, attend all the field trips. Your tween urges you to go on the next field trip. “The museum will be fun!” he says. “Please come,” he pleads multiple times over two weeks.

“Okay,” you relent.

You take off work. You work extra to get ahead so you’ll enjoy the day off. You pack your brown bag lunch. You pack his. You get to the school early and  follow the bus to the museum (because all the parents can’t ride the bus and your name wasn’t drawn to go with the group.) You drive to downtown Minneapolis. You park in a ramp. You pay $35 for 4 hours. You walk the blocks to the museum carrying your lunch, your kid’s lunch, and your purse. You huff it because you know the bus dropped the kids off right in front and now you’re going to miss the “About Minnesota” introductory video. You enter in the front gate proud that you sacrificed a personal day, found a place to park downtown, navigated the tricky streets to find the museum, and made it before the movie started.


Photo by Mihai Vlasceanu from Pexels
Photo by Mihai Vlasceanu from Pexels

Your tween smiles when he sees you, waves you over, steps close to your ear and whispers…

“Mom, don’t embarrass me.”

And I think that’s what they call irony. 

Your turn: tell your funny parenting stories

What are the funny things your tweens/teens have done? Or what silly or sweet moments about this life’s chapter do you what to remember? As a mom, what memories make your day? Leave your stories in the comments or email me directly.

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PS – It should be noted that because I love my people, I’m careful with when and how I share their stories. Stories are not just mine, but sometimes friends, and sometimes slight changes to insignificant parts are changed so they’ll keep being my friend. 😉