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You Need This Healthy Perspective in Parenting Teens

(Inside: A healthy perspective in parenting teens is a game changer for my mental health and ability to raise my kids from a place of hope.)

It’s just homecoming. Or prom. Or the winter formal.

Yes, we want our kids to get all fancy, attend the event, enjoy themselves, and make memories. And we encourage them to do just that, but if they don’t want to, ultimately, it’s just a high school dance. As an adult, I have no idea which coworkers did or didn’t go to school dances. And it doesn’t matter, I love working with my team.

It’s just a varsity sport. Or AAU team. Or whatever select group your kid’s eyeing.

Look. I know not making teams can suck the entire wind out of kids. We’ve been there with training, fall ball, winter ball, spring ball, and more training to not make the teams they were counting on. It’s devastating. But, still, it’s just a high school sport. As an adult, I know what my friends’ interests are but have no idea who played what, when. And they make the best friends ever.

It’s just an AP class. Or a grade. Or an elective. Or learning experience.

Yes, school is important. It’s a place for our kids to practice life before they launch, but it’s also just a course. And it’s not going to be perfect. Your kids might need to drop down a level or finish with a grade that’s not going on the fridge. It’s all going to be okay. As an adult, I know highly successful people who were (to borrow from Gen Z) “mid” at high school.

Yes, we want our kids to succeed.

And, of course, we’re going to encourage our kids to go for it.

Be the joiner.

Train hard and put themselves out there.

Figure out the best study routines and foster a love of learning.

We know these experiences grow and mature our kids.

But at the same time, they’re just high school moments.

And no matter how they turn out, our kids can still grow into happy, healthy adults with careers, marriages, friendships, and all the big dreams.

So, in my zeal for parenting these big kids, I’m trying to keep it all in perspective.

We’re just seeing a slice of the chapter our kids are in, not their whole entire lives.

They’re on their own journeys and will always, always, always have so much to look forward to.

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