A Tip to Make Your Everyday Photos Look Artsier

(Inside: A trip to make your kid photos look artsier.)
I have a photography tip for you: Put your camera on the ground. (You don’t even need to have a nice camera, I took a few of these on my phone.)

It gives the photo an artsy look. And it also tells an important part of the story: the fossils we were hunting for at a park, the creaky dock my kids absolutely love to walk on, the water to splash in, the rocks that are just as much fun to play with as the equipment, the long log that my boys can’t resist balancing on…



Why should moms pursue their hobbies? Hobbies empower us. They build our confidence and improve our self-esteem.  Hobbies also provide us with a creative outlet and way to reduce our stress.
Plus, our kids watch us teach ourselves a hobby and they realize, if my mom can teach herself photography, I can teach myself my interest. It’s empowering for both us and them.
So go ahead – pursue your hobby. Here is the camera I use. What I spent on the camera, I’ve save in paying for someone to take professional pictures.


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