Take Great Photos of Your Family in the Big City

(Inside: Take great photos of your family in the big city. Enjoy snapping creative shops of your family enjoying your vacation. Breath in those moments you GET TO leave your work computer at home and be “all in” with your family.)

You might be too big for your stroller if, when you get to the top of a ramp you say,

“Mom let go of my stroller so I can see how fast I can go!” (“Sounds like a great idea,” said NO MOM EVER.) This is why 5-year-olds WALK, little boy.

We recently spent a week in Chicago. I wanted to enjoy my time away from work, hanging out with my very favorite people, but I also want to play with my photography. I hoped to get great photos of my family in the big city.

I had lots of opportunities to snap pictures.

The weather was great.

The city was beautiful.

We stayed right downtown, walked almost everywhere, and with the help of our City Museum Pass, conquered the place one museum/aquarium at a time. These kids will be gone in 2.5 seconds (How does it go so fast?) so the NOW seems incredibly important. It was a huge gift to sneak away, make some memories, and capture some photos.

photos family big city
photos family big city
photos family big city
photos family big city
photos family big city
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photos family big city