Take the Pictures of the Grandparents and Grandkids

(Inside: Take the pictures of the grandparents and their grandbabies. Life is so short. Moments pass so quickly. Take the pictures of the grandparents, you’ll never regret it.)

We drove all the way down to visit my parents, sister, and her family.

We’ve been fishing, searching streams for frogs and crawdads, shooting bb guns (a talent my oldest didn’t realize he had), shooting bows and arrows, playing board games, playing at parks, reading, and watching movies.  Good food.  Good company. This small town and these people…it has all been good for our souls.

My dad even cleaned out my car for me yesterday.  He had to use one of those handheld power saws to cut out the tootsie rolls that had melted and hardened onto our carpet.

Best dad ever.

There is just no one else in the world like family, and I can’t wait to come back. (“So eat up all the tootsie rolls you want in our car, boys.  We will just drive down and see Papa.”)

I want to remember these moments. I want to remember this season. So I take pictures of the grandparents and their grandparents. And I look back on these photos with nostalgia.

pictures of grandparents
pictures of grandparents
pictures of grandparents
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