Hobbies Empower Us: Lakeside Family Photography Ideas

Hobbies empower us.

They build our confidence and improve our self-esteem.  Hobbies also provide us with a creative outlet and a way to reduce our stress.

But, as moms, we can feel like we shouldn’t pursue our hobbies. Yes, we don’t have the same time as our retired neighbor, but keeping our hobbies at a low simmer is good for us – and our kids.


Because our actions always speak louder than words. For example, my kids watch me independently learn how to be a better photographer and Photoshop user.  I’m actively showing them this life-long skill: If they want to learn to do something – they can teach it to themselves. I’m empowering myself by building confidence in my ability and giving myself a stress reliever. Still, also, I’m empowering my crew to read instructions, search for how-to videos online and become self-sufficient, life-long learners.

That skill set…they can take anywhere.

So, go ahead and make room for your hobby. You kids will learn good things from watching you. 


My Hobby: Photography

Here’s my latest tinkering with photography. Taking pictures of this ah-maze-ing family was joy. I wish I had infinite amounts of time to fuel my hobby. I’d then take pictures of all y’all. Fun stuff.