Take Beautiful Pictures of Your Kids at the Lake

(Inside: Take beautiful pictures of your kids at the lake. If you’re like me, you like to look at other people’s photos for inspiration. Here are some photo ideas…)

Everyone needs THAT PLACE.

Mine can be a few minutes of sitting underneath the evening sky. (Often, simply on my front porch step.)

The forever expanse of stars reminds me: God is so big.

The beauty: God is good.

Obstacles seem a tad bit lower, hope brighter and I feel myself exhale. I’m drawn in by creation to be in awe of the Creator. The beach does that for me too.

The beach does that for me too.

Getting here can be a struggle finding all the swimsuits, towels, drinks, snacks, pails, shovels, lifevest…

But look at us once we’ve made it: two kids playing, one trying to hold the sun…

My heart overflows. 

And I love capturing those moments on my camera. 

Here are some sample photo ideas on how to take beautiful pictures of your kids at the lake.

pictures kids at the lake
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