A Porch Remodel to Make You Want to Spend Time Outside

(Inside: This porch remodel was one of my favorite DIY projects. It makes hanging outside so much fun.)

About 4 1/2 years ago, we redid our porch. I wish I had before pictures, it was a sight: moldy roof, crooked base, paint peeling…gross  

Here is what we did to make this place one of our favorite spaces to hang out:

1.  Raised the sagging side of the porch with a car jack and added supports to make it even.:

2.  Reframed the porch and tightened the screens.

3. Replaced the old moldy.

4.  New outdoor carpet. (To keep the mosquitoes from coming in underneath.)

5. Paint.

The weekend before my scheduled c-section, we still weren’t done with the porch.

Six days away from having my third baby, I wasn’t resting…nope – I was prepping the wood for painting by cleaning it. But then, my husband’s blessed family came in full force and helped us paint inside and outside of this porch in the sweltering heat. God bless them. But then, it was done – beautifully done.

Onward, and here’s what we did for furniture:

1. The table I bought from Craig’s list for $40. I put about 10 coats of black paint on it. I wanted it to be durable.

2. The rocker we got from my husband’s grandma. I painted that as well. (Then rocked her great-grandbaby in her chair which made me happy.)

3. The bench is from Target.

4. The rug we already had, from Target, as well.

4. I covered old pillows with new material.

5. The wicker chairs we scored at a garage sale. We already had the other two chairs.

6. The side tables, I got for free from a neighbor who put them at the end of his driveway for anyone to take. A lucky find for me. I painted the bottom part white and sanded and stained the tops.

Here are some pictures of our porch remodel. I spent hours and hours out there with my little boys. I loved that I could sit on the porch and watch them play outside.

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This porch remodel was one of my favorite DIY projects. We spent hours outside because of it.