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I’m Cheryl, a mom of three, high school teacher, wife, and author of Empowered Moms and Kids. Join our community for stories, resources, and articles that will encourage you and your family as you walk through raising big kids.

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Do you need inspiration, perspective, humor, and joy in raising big kids? 

Real Talk is for you! It’s 10 conversations that include valuable insight for navigating the rollercoaster of parenting big kids, holding on for the ride of a lifetime while, at the same time, launching them into their own rollercoaster of adulthood!

Videos on the secret sauce of “Inviting and Not Demanding” and that “Mom Grief” no one talks about
as you have to let go and what to do when you’re sitting outside the bedroom of the big kid who won’t talk to you right now.

Encouragement and empowerment for those of you moms who want help (sprinkled with lots of humor and a boatload of hope) delighting in your teens and young adults, enabling them to thrive in their education, knowing when and how to show up, creating healthy and long-term connection, and how to rediscover yourself.

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Get 30% off using code CHERYL30