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I Don’t Want to be Sad when My Senior Graduates

(Inside: When your senior is about to graduate, your heart aches for the years past. Transitions are always hard for me, but on graduation, I don’t want to be sad…)

I don’t want to be sad when you graduate.

Instead, I want to see a young man who I’ve poured my whole entire heart into.

From before you were born, hoping and longing to be a mom. To sleepless nights, just you and I nestled together in the rocking chair, sacred hovering. And all the school years rolling out like the Midwest plains, the forever expanse of signing planners, first day of school pictures, conversations during the taxing, and unleashed prayers. You’ve been my thoughts, my joy, my world.

I want to celebrate your growth.

How you found what you liked about school, arrows hinting at next-steps. The ways you put yourself out there to be involved in teams, to apply for that job, and to say yes to that opportunity you were unsure of. How you found your people and continually made our home theirs, mountains of shoes by the door. So many successes and getting-back-up-again-with-grit experiences.

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I want to feel the joy of the moments I was there for.

Watching you hunt the house for the pastel eggs and tear at bright red paper next to the ornament-covered tree. Then, bowls of cereal, family dinners, bedtime prayers, and hanging out in the living room. Plus road trips to search for shark teeth on beaches, admire views from Pike’s Peak, and visit grandparents in smalltown, USA. And through it all, snapping pictures like an 80s song on repeat.

You see, transitions make me sad. I mourn closing chapters deep into my bones. But this time I hope not to…

Rather, I want to celebrate the journey I got to experience with you. Feel how proud I am of the investment I made and the breathtaking person you’ve become. And look forward to how many good things are ahead, glimmers of hope sprinkled everywhere.

I don’t want to be sad when you graduate.

Instead, I just want to feel grateful.

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senior graduate

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