I would love to speak at your mom’s group or women of faith group. Let me know what your group is interested in learning about and let’s come up with a direction together. Also, the topics I’ve previously spoken on are:

Seeing God in Motherhood:  Learn to hear God’s voice through your role as a mom. Notice how God daily shows up and teaches you through motherhood that your identity is in Him, not in what you think you are doing right or wrong. Feel Jesus remind you of how cherished you are through the ordinary, small moments of your day. (40 minutes presentation.)

Flourish in Raising Boys and Girls: A friend (who has daughters) and I will speak together to give your group the top things you need to know about raising both boys and girls. Chalked full of wisdom and humor, your group will enjoy this presentation. (50 – 60 minutes presentation.)

Women of Influence: We look at the story of Lydia and see how impactful everyday moments and ordinary people are. Let me encourage you to see how God uses your ordinary to make a lasting influence. (35-minute presentation.)

Share Your Story: Through the story of the Woman at the Well, we learn how important our faith stories are and why this hurting world needs to hear your voice. (35-minute presentation.)

Extreme (Perspective) Makeover: This walkthrough Colossians 3 might be my favorite. Learn to daily makeover our perspectives and more fully enjoy God’s love and peace. (35-minute presentation.)

The Abundance Life: Walk through Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21. Learn how to draw from God’s resources and live an abundant life that shares God loves with others.  (35-minute presentation)

I can also speak on other topics your group might be interested in.  Share your thoughts with me and we can see what we can come up with.

Email me (Cheryl) at  sinceibecameamom at gmail.com

(I try and reply to emails as quickly as possible, but then there’s life. And I don’t get everything I want to done. Thanks for understanding. Also, if something I have written has upset you in any way, please know that was never my intent. I write in the spirit of encouragement and hope my words don’t ever hurt.)