4 Things You Need to Be a Strong, Joy-Filled Mother

(Inside: How to be a strong, joy-filled mother. Moms, paying attention to these aspects of life that will you be a happy mom and a strong mom.) This blog post contains affiliate links. The teenage girl paused before my desk near my high school classroom. She exhaled while flexing her hands in stretching motions several times Read More

Momma, Should You Write? (Or Start a Blog?)

(Inside: Should you start a blog? Should you write? Read my journey of starting a blog and get tips that will help you start writing and blogging with confidence.)     “I want to be a writer.”   I gently rocked my nursing son (middle child) in the middle of the night. That’s the exact Read More

How to Silence Negative Automatic Thoughts

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Be a More Confident Mom By Exposing These 5 Lies

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Momma Knows Best: A Quick Story to Help You Know This

Even though momma knows best, do you know how we have those moments when we don’t want to go with our gut because we’re worried we’ll drive our families nuts? Yeah – go with your gut, here’s why… Read More