My Huffington Post Article (18 Hours Later and I Felt Braver – For Moms)

Here’s my most recent Huffington Post article. It still seems surreal that I get to publish over there. Crazy mad dream come true. What is your dream? What keeps you up at night as you think: Maybe I COULD do this? What has God placed on your heart to try? I say go for it. Read More

A Mom In Full Control (50% of the Time)

(Inside: For moms like me who’ve caved.)   No boys, we are NOT taking care of your aunt’s dog. It’s too much work. I know you said you’d do everything, but YOU KNOW I’ll end up cleaning up poop. I know Bella’s cute, but I like our dog-free home. I know you think it’s nice Read More

How Your Kids Empower You to Persevere

(Inside: How my son’s basketball game empowered me to keep going.)     My son’s basketball team doesn’t win a ton. The whistle blows, shoes squeak, bounces echo and then the scoreboard ruins us. But hands to the heavens, at the last tournament, his team won three games in a row to claim the overall Read More

Momma, Why You Should Wear Today Differently

(Inside: Noticing the incredible impact you make in the ordinary.)     There is something so lovely about being called God’s masterpiece. God-an-artist resonates with me.    My sister-in-law is an artist. She knits, slip stitches and purls skeins into hats, scarves, and shawls. She took me to a trendy downtown yarn shop. I followed her Read More

How to Turn Your Negative Self-Talk into Joy

(Inside: Make your negative self-talk work for you instead of against you. Using simple actions, learn how to get rid of your negative self-talk. Learn to turn your negative self-talk into joy. )   Often I have Normal-Brain with normal thoughts enjoying a normal day. But then there’s Thorn-in-my-Side-Brain. She shows up unannounced, uninvited and Read More

Why Mom Mistakes Can Be Good

(Inside: Why mistakes as a mom can be good. Stress less about mom mistakes and see the good moments that come from them.)   I didn’t tuck my tween-age son into bed.   Instead, I slipped into my own bed and fell under the trance of Downton Abbey. (Which dashing suitor is Mary going to Read More

Look for Hope Because It Will Always Come Back to You

(Inside: Something you can do when you feel hopeless.)     Something I’ve noticed about hope, it always comes back to you.   It’s like how my son sends his yo-yo rapidly towards the ground and yet, when it reaches the bottom, it curls its way back up the string to be caught by ready Read More

Let’s Make a Pact About Today

(Inside: Today, let’s live like the loved women we are.)   Hey guys, can we do something together today?   Let’s decide – no matter what – we’re going to be conquerors today. We’re all making a pact right now to have a fantastic day.   Uncooperative little ones? Nope, I’m cool as a cucumber…you’re Read More

The Best Moments In Life Are Free

(Inside: How daily we’re reminded the best moments in life are free.)   My favorite moments from the previous week:   1.  We moved and my parents road-tripped up. Their help was great, but I enjoyed their presence more. Transitions (even good transitions) can be hard for me; I liked that they were simply HERE Read More

18 Hours Later and I Felt Braver {For Moms}

(Inside: How motherhood gives you grit.)   I did something I never thought I could do this summer – drove 18 hours alone with my three kids on our marathon road trip.   Not straight – that’s madness. Over three days, I drove 9 hours, 5.5 hours, and then 3.5 hours.   But still. Eighteen Read More

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