My Kids Don’t Listen: Actually, They are Taking In What We Teach

My kids don’t listen – actually, my friend…they are taking in what we teach. More than we often realize. Read More

One Easy Way to Get to Know Your Kid

Of course, we all want to get to know our kids but life can be so plain hard. Here’s a reminder to take advantage of the moments life gives us to get to know your kid. Read More

Momma, your kid is listening, hang on – you’ll see proof!

Is your kid listening to what you are teaching him? We so often feel like they aren’t, but momma, they hear your messages. Look for the moments that are proof that they’re learning and growing and maturing. Read More

Why Mom Mistakes Can Be Good

Mom mistakes. Is it okay for parents to make mistakes? How do you fix parenting mistakes? You don’t – because there are silver linings in them. Read More

Moms, You’ll Better Enjoy the End of the School Year Remembering THIS

The end of the school year can be crazy, and many moms dread May. However, you’ll better enjoy the end of the school year remembering THIS. Read More

Teenage Dating: Simple Advice to Tell Our Sons About Girls

Teenage dating: what I told my son about girls that I hope prepares him to have healthy future dating relationships. Read More

One Way to Get Your Kids to Cheerfully Clean

(Inside: An idea to teach your kids the value of hard work.)   I’m teaching my boys one way to a woman’s heart…  Cleaning.       And it’s working…so I wanted to share.   See this fabulous chore-chart/incentive-program/how-my-kids-earn-their-allowance thingy?     It’s a nice addition to our routine right now.    Usually, I just pin Read More

Being a Parent is Hard for This One Reason: Here’s What Helps

Being a parent is hard. However, even though motherhood can be hard, this one question will refocus our thoughts in a life-giving way. Read More

parenting tweens

Parenting Tweens: Annoying Ways Tweens Show Their Parents Love

Parenting tweens can be challenging. But there is help to understanding your tween daughters and tween sons behaviors, and how they show you that they love you as their mom. Read More

How a Messy House is Good for Your Kids

When you’re parenting, what is a messy house a sign of? Is a messy house normal? Your disheveled home tells an encouraging story. Read on… Read More

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