thank you band teachers

Thank You, Band Teachers, You’re Getting it Right

Band teachers, you’re getting it right.

My son played in band from 5th through 8th grade, then decided he was done. I smiled and listened and validated his feelings then said with much resolve and passion, “You’re going to try one year of high school band. If you don’t like it, you can quit after 9th grade.”

I’m not sure what he thought he’d find in high school band, but whatever it was, he knew it would make him want to stick with quitting. So, band teachers, when you got him for concert band only (minimum parental requirement), you had an uphill battle.

But, this program you’ve created, here’s what he actually discovered…

An instant place to belong. His section leader facilated group texts where the kids chatted and received important information and sent each other funny memes. The group met for warm drinks at the coffee shop. A family-within-a-family feel.

A place to be creative. Diverse arrangements. Various instruments. Concerts souped-up with twirling flags, dancers, singers, and an actual rock band smashing notes along with the school band for a series of songs.

Fun entertainment. Marching in the downtown night parade, instruments wrapped in glow sticks and lights.

Drumline and jazz band performances. Fabulous halftime shows. Pep bands spicing up already-exciting games.

A sense of community. From evening rehearsals to bus rides to the town pancake breakfast fundraiser, he found a place to meet people, make friends, and be involved in school outside of the classroom.

People to cheer him on. Not only do you create a warm, friendly environment between the students, but I also love watching you interact with your students. You tell them that they’re amazing, smart, and talented, and the glorious part is – I can tell that you mean every word. There’s a reason why the students declare you “the best teachers!”

thank you band teachers
Say thank you to your band teachers and other great teachers. Here are some writing prompts on this thank you printable that will make them know how appreciated you are.

9th-grade year wrapped up, and my son had already set his schedule without band.

However, one day random Tuesday, he walked through the door and said, “Mom, do you think I can change my schedule? I want to do concert band again. And add summer marching band too.”

I tried hard to be chill despite my thumping heart.

(A mom can ruin with over-enthusiasm.)

So, he signed up again.

We’re in the start of 10th-grade year. We spent this last summer driving to various parades, setting up chairs, slathering on sunscreen, videotaping the uniform marching, and collecting candy. 

Then watching the indoor fall marching band concert was spectacular – no words, your program, oh-my-all-the-goodness-your-program. You are gifted at bringing out the kids’ talent and displaying it for all of us to see.

It’s so fun for our family (including grandparents) to connect over watching our kid in the band activities. We love celebrating our son through your program.

Band teachers, you’ve given my son so much.

And you’ve given our family even more.

Thank you. Truly, thank you.

Band teachers, you’re getting it right.

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thank you band teachers