The Best FREE Kid’s Craft Ever

(Inside: A free, simple craft to keep your kids entertained for longer than 10 minutes.)


Let me start by saying I’m not crafty. This blog is not about crafts – but it’s about empowering families and a good idea always feels empowering, so here’s a simple craft that was a huge hit in our home.


Why is this the best craft ever?


Two Reasons:
(1) It was free.
(2) It kept my boys busy for hours.


We made little forests in shoe boxes. My boys kept coming up with more ideas, going outside for more supplies and making these little forests with caves, houses, streams, hiding spots, and people. We used items we already owned so I didn’t pay a dime. This was a huge hit.

Miniature Forest in a Shoe Box Materials:
-Shoe boxes
-Any small figures or animals you have on hand (We used army guys.)
-Rocks, sticks, leaves, flowers…things collected from outside.
-Popsicle Sticks
-Any other craft supply you have on hand that would add to the project.

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Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash