Momma, Time Moves Too Fast But Can Never Take Away THIS

(Inside: Time moves too fast. When we think about this, grief can overcome moms. Time does take away so much, but it can never, ever take away this HUGE THING.)

Our kids grow up too fast.

Time pulls moments, days, years out of our hands at freight train speeds making the parenting season feel like a blink. Oh, the mom aches it sends through our hearts.

But, no matter what, time can’t take away these things…

We know how it feels to grow life inside of us. From the first butterfly-wing-flickers to the feet pushing against, our eyes watch ripples move across our stretched stomach and our hands instinctively go to our bellies in protective love. It’s all miraculous.  

We know how it feels to meet our kids for the first time. Little fingers. Tiny feet. Hoped for, prayed for, through birth or adoption, we instantly can’t imagine our lives without them. 

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We know how spectacular it is to watch our kids grow. First steps, missing teeth, school year beginnings, seeing what they’re good at, learning how their brain works, we know all the versions of our kids and there’s nothing like it. Completely priceless. 

We know what it’s like to have our hearts walk around outside of our bodies. We feel what our kids feel. When they hurt, we hurt, when they’re happy, we’re happy and everything in between. It’s a stunning connection. 

We know the love of a parent. All kinds of love. From the hard love that holds them accountable to simply looking at them and thinking your heart might explode. The width and depth of a parent’s love are unexplainable, you simply have to feel it for yourself to fully understand. 

All of those things… 

None of them can be taken away. 

Our experiences and what we know now are cemented in our hearts for eternity. 

Because we’ve been there. 

We’ve felt. 





Breathed in.  


And felt it all again.  

So, yes, time grabs our years away from us way too fast, but we were there for every single one of them, taking it all in.

And we’ll remember it forever, completely changed in the best of ways. 

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