To Moms on Mother’s Day

Happy Women-with-Super-Powers Day! (Also known as Mother’s Day!)
I’m so grateful for my mom, grandmothers, and mother-in-law. I won’t get started on how amazing they are and the immeasurable impact they’ve made and continue to make on my life. Because that would lead me to also gush about my mom-friends and other-mom-family-members and how much I admire them. Then, I would go on about acquaintances, or women I don’t know but follow on social media, or have read their books, or heard their stories, and how much I learn from them or how they move me.
So instead, let me just say this…

To all moms – know what a gift you are! Every day you love generously and give unselfishly. Your words guide, encourage and build confidence. Your resourcefulness problem solves. Your arms comfort and kisses heal. Your genuineness creates a safe place. Your actions teach. Your talents inspire. You are strong, creative and wise. Every day you make an impact. You wear your cape well. Know how cherished and loved you are. You are a superhero and you make EVERYWHERE a better place!