to my big kids

To My Big Kid, I Will Always Because…

(Inside: To my big kid, I will always invest in you, believe in you, and love you times a million. To my big kid, I will always because I’m your mom.)

To my kids, I will always…

I will always…show up for you.
To cheer you on.
Simply be there.
Or pick you up and bring you home.

I will always…believe in you.
See your gifts.
Find you highly capable.
And tell you so.

I will always…make time for you.
Want to hear about what’s going on in your life.
Be eager to know your thoughts and plans.
No detail is too small or boring, I’m here for whatever you’re ready to share.

to my big kids

I will always…pray for you.

With a strong belief that God loves you, is for you, and continually works in your life.
He can pull good out of even the worst situations.
My eyes will continually scan the horizon for hope.

I will always…try to stay open as a parent.
To learn and grow, especially from my mistakes.
Strive to understand you better.
And get out of my comfort zone like when I went on the zipline because you thought we’d have fun on that adventure together. (We did, and I was glad I said yes even though I didn’t want to.)

I will always…invest in you.
To take seriously my role as a parent.
And pour all that I have into you.
Because I want you to learn how to thrive in this world with purpose, kindness, and integrity.

My kids, I will always…

Because I have the best role in the whole entire world.

I will always because I’m your mom.

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to my big kid