Momma Knows Best: A Quick Story to Help You Know This

(Inside: Even though momma knows best, do you know how we have those moments when we don’t want to go with our gut because we’re worried we’ll drive our families nuts? Yeah – go with your gut, here’s why…)

This weekend, we headed out of town to visit friends.

Packing for a trip involves me being a perfectionist. (Meaning, I drive myself and everyone else a little crazy.) I needed this trip to be relaxing, so I decided…no stress, including packing stress…

Besides, it was only for one night. If we forgot something, no big deal.

So I declared that I was going to be laid back and let everyone pack themselves. I even packed my bag in under 10 minutes.

Here is what we forgot to bring:

  • one hairbrush
  • one toothbrush
  • one kid’s pajamas
  • another kid’s shirts
  • socks
  • one pair of tennis shoes
  • flip-flops
  • floaties
  • one swimsuit

But my oldest son who forgot to pack even one shirt to wear brought his trophy for Best Craftsmanship from his Stockade Derby Competition. 

Priorities, I guess. We made do and had a great time, but it would have been nice if we could have all combed our hair. And I missed my sneakers.

My conclusion: you know those momma-knows-best-so-I-am-going-to-be-a-perfectionist-even-if-it-drives-my-family-a-little-crazy type of moments we as moms have?

I think that it’s sometimes okay.

Especially when it is for the greater good.

(Which it usually is.) 

momma knows best
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momma knows best

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